• The Swag Produce Bag Review – What Our Community Thought

    May 10, 2017 • EAT, GUIDES

    The Swag - Reduce Food Waste with The Swag

    What we’re hearing from you is that you’re after a product that will help to save food waste, save plastic waste, save money, and save time. Well, The Swag hits the jackpot with our community!

    The Swag produce bag starter pack includes one large Swag, two small Swags and one long Swag.

    You can also purchase the Swags individually here >

    Here’s what our Team says

    “I absolutely love my Swag, it makes it so easy to stock up on fresh produce at the weekend markets and have it stay fresh until my next trip. When I first got it, I just gave it a quick wash with some of my soapberries and squeezed the excess water out and it was good to go! I love how the moisture stays in the bag yet doesn’t leave things soggy. It keeps my lettuce fresh and crisp and I can save an open avocado without it browning for days! It’s so easy to use and keeps the fridge organised! Will definitely be investing in more in the future.” ~ Anna

    “I think it is so fantastic for reducing fresh produce waste! So far I have found it very effective at keeping produce such as tomatoes and carrots crisp, as well as extending the life of herbs. It is important to re-hydrate The Swag when it is no longer damp to make sure the contents keep hydrated and fresh. Since using it I wouldn’t go back to storing fresh produce in any other way in the fridge. I recommend it to families, appealing to the idea of minimising waste and making meals that are of optimal quality. I just want to share the genius of having this in the household!” ~ Andrea

    “I washed my Swag as soon as I got it and used it straight away for coriander, carrots, lemons and some stone fruits at first. Considering they are all very different types of produce, I was surprised to find that they all stayed fresh for several weeks. I’m most surprised by coriander, which usually wilts in three to four days if I don’t use it quick enough! Storing my coriander in the Swag helps makes it stay fresh over a week! Maybe even two. I am super happy with this new product in my kitchen.” ~ Darly

    And here’s what you say

    “Have only had these for a bit over a week and have already noticed that produce is staying fresher for longer. Great to be able to buy a bit more at the markets knowing that it’ll last through the week and not have to go back for top up shops. They’re easy enough to take care of, and will easily recoup their cost in a couple months.”~ Victoria

    “These are definitely worth buying if you like to shop in bulk and meal plan, but find your veggies wilted and rotten before the week is out. Yes, you have to keep the bags damp, but I only had to re-dampen them every 3-4 days (takes 5-10mins tops). This may be a hassle for some, but I would much rather do this then throw out produce or do “top up” shops every couple of days. All in all, great product. Will be buying a second set :)” ~ Maria

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