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    November 29, 2016 • CLEAN, LIFE

    This week Jessica from our Indooroopilly Shopping Centre store shares her favourite Biome product – soapberries (also known as soap nuts)!


    Jess loves soapberries as they are a wonderful alternative for laundry soaps and detergents, shampoo or even hand wash.

    Soapberries naturally contain a property called ‘saponin’, which reduces the surface tension of water and allows dirt and orders to be removed from you and your clothes without any extra chemicals needed.

    3-4 berries are enough for a medium load of washing AND you can use each berry up to 3 times before replacing! This works out to cost about 10 cents per wash load for a 1kg bag. And, a 1kg bag will give you approximately 365 wash loads!

    Jess loves them because they are amazing for the environment (did I mention grey water safe?) and your wallet. They even work wonders on her super sweaty gym clothes!

    Soapberries are completely chemical free and hypo-allergenic. They are perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Plus, they come in a reusable calico bag, not a plastic bottle, and when the berry has reached the end of its life, it can be added to the garden or compost.

    They are naturally odourless, however Jess suggests that you could add some of your favourite essential oils to the soapberries pouch to give your clothes some extra love.

    Soapberries are not tested on animals and are safe for babies and children.

    It’s safe to say what all her friends and family are getting this Christmas…

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