• Slow Fashion: Clothes You Can Feel Good About

    October 24, 2018 • BEAUTY, FASHION, LIFE

    By Leah Musch of The Un-Material Girl

    It’s no secret that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Issues span from textile waste to human rights violation, the use of toxic materials and dyes to big brands burning excess stock. Slowly but surely, consumer awareness, education and passion has helped harbor a new attitude towards the consumption of fashion, and it’s being referred to as the ‘Slow Fashion Movement’. As passionate advocates for people and planet, we at Biome felt it was time to join the movement and champion the fashion labels who are at the forefront of this revolution.

    Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion | Build an Ethical Wardrobe | Biome Eco Stores

    Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion

    So how do we define slow fashion?

    The slow fashion movement is the antithesis of fast fashion. It champions transparency, sustainable fabrics, fair treatment of those who make your clothes, environmentally-responsible production, and innovation.

    Slow fashion is about respecting a slower process, loving a garment for longer, knowing the maker, appreciating fabric, building a wardrobe of beautiful staples and banishing the idea that outfit repeating is a sin.

    It’s important to note that there is still a long way to go in this movement towards a better fashion industry, and while perfection is the goal, we’re not there yet. We want to give a voice and platform to the labels who are leading the way. We have decided to create the Slow Fashion department at Biome as a way of offering our customers an avenue to support and purchase fashion that aligns with their values. Our featured labels have been carefully researched in order to ensure they meet our ethical and sustainable standards, are vegan and are made using natural fibres.

    Why is Slow Fashion More Expensive than Fast Fashion?

    The cost of creating a sustainable and ethical fashion garment is never cheap, but you can rest assured that you are not only investing in a quality garment, but supporting the future of fashion. We hope that as customers become more educated about the true cost of creating a piece of clothing, they will continue to question price tags.

    If something is shockingly cheap, why? If something is surprisingly expensive, also ask why?

    The cost of creating and sourcing sustainable, natural fabric often contributes to the cost of slow fashion, especially if these fabrics are certified organic. Another factor is ensuring that the people making the clothes are being paid fairly and treated properly. Lastly, the time taken to create a unique garment, for example pieces that are screen printed by hand, all of these considerations add up. These factors equal clothing that is worth so much more than the garment itself. It’s been on a journey before it’s even reached your wardrobe, and this needs to be acknowledged and respected.

    Introducing Biome’s Slow Fashion Department

    We have decided to create a Slow Fashion Department at Biome, spearheaded by our passionate in-house visual merchandiser/sustainable & ethical fashion blogger Leah Musch, AKA The Un-Material Girl. Leah has been documenting her experiences in the world of slow fashion on her blog and instagram (@unmaterialgirl) for more than 3 years, and is an avid speaker, workshop host and educator. She has curated the department, sourcing only the most ethically produced, sustainably made and undeniably beautiful fashion labels and is excited about continuing to seek out new brands who are doing things right.

    We are so excited about this new venture and look forward to being pioneers within this movement. We have some amazing pieces already available, and a few up our sleeves that we’ll be releasing shortly. We hope that we can help our customers curate their dream slow fashion wardrobes.

    Discover our Slow Fashion department here > 

    Our Favourite Slow Fashion Brands for an Ethical Wardrobe

    Mosov Organic

    Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion | Build an Ethical Wardrobe | Biome Eco Stores

    A moment on the lips, a lifetime in the tips – we love this style by Mosov Organic.

    Mosov Organic is an Australian organic lifestyle brand for the ethically conscious. Each piece is designed and made locally in Brisbane, Australia with GOTS certified organic cotton, which is kinder to our earth and your skin.

    The MNMLSlow Fashion vs Fast Fashion | Build an Ethical Wardrobe | Biome Eco Stores

    THE M|N|ML is an Australian designed and made ethical clothing label creating affordable, luxe and trans-seasonal basics for people who want to be themselves, without compromise. The garments stocked by Biome are all organic cotton and made in Brisbane.

    The superfine cotton is lightweight and breathable, meaning that you only need to wash your garment every now and then, ensuring it will last even longer.

    Seaside Tones

    Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion | Build an Ethical Wardrobe | Biome Eco Stores

    Seaside Tones is a Polish fashion label that specializes in minimalist garments made from locally grown and produced linen. Each garment is also ethically and consciously made in Poland.

    Their styles will continue to age and soften with wash and wear, resulting in wardrobe staples that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

    Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion | Build an Ethical Wardrobe | Biome Eco Stores

    Founded in 2007 by Gosia Piatek, Kowtow is a conscious label with a strong design philosophy and innate sense of comfort. Described as minimalist and effortless, the Kowtow aesthetic is inspired by Gosia’s interests in art, architecture, culture, craftsmanship, landscapes and her own travels. Their collections are made in India with sustainably and ethically sourced Fair Trade materials.


    Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion | Build an Ethical Wardrobe | Biome Eco Stores

    Farn is an Australian label that is designed, printed and made in Collingwood, Victoria. It was founded by fashion buyer turned textile designer, Amanda Farncomb, who was also the recipient of the 2018 Frankie Good Stuff award.

    Amanda’s screen printed designs often portray her bold perspective of traditional Australian animals and flora.

    Tasi Travels

    Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion | Build an Ethical Wardrobe | Biome Eco Stores

    Tasi Travels is an Australian made and designed travelwear label. Meaning “ocean” in the local Tetun language, Tasi combines minimalism, practicality and style. Tasi Travels believe in travelling light, in being able to pack less, but better.

    Their clothes are also designed to be appropriate for both conservative cultures and hot climates, offering coverage as well as relief from the heat with light, breathable materials. Whilst also being one of the most sustainable textiles available, the fabric Tencel is incredible for travel. It dries quickly, doesn’t wrinkle and is blissfully breathable.

    Discover Biome’s Slow Fashion department here >