• Rebuilding bushfire affected business and bush land

    January 9, 2020 • LIFE

    From the ashes rises an indomitable force, human kindness. We feel so proud of the Australian and global community that is rallying to help the people and animals recover from bush fires and drought.  We feel for everyone, near and far, who is feeling the deep sense of loss after the extreme weather and fires in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia. Fires have burned in areas rarely touched by fire such as the Snowy Mountains and the rainforests of south east Queensland.

    We would love to hear from you, our customers, with suggestions of any local organisations dear to you that need support.  Please email tracey.bailey@biome.com.au

    The Biome team is helping in a number of ways.  As a small business for purpose, we are particularly mindful of how crippling it will be for businesses in regional towns that have lost their incomes. Flourishing local makers, shops and services will be vital to the long term recovery for the affected regions.

    We are:

    1) Starting a Directory of Businesses in the bush fire affected areas. We will use our large online community to promote these businesses. We need your help please to find them! Please email tracey.bailey@biome.com.au with the business name, town, website and any other details.   You can also visit @spendwiththem on Instagram who are also featuring affected businesses.

    2) Donating directly to local wildlife rescue groups in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia. Find more about local wildlife carers here >

    We have donated to

    South Australia: SAVEM – recommended by the RSPCA as the most direct way to contribute to wildlife rescue efforts in fire-affected areas in South Australia, and  Save the Kangaroo Island Glossy Black Cockatoo.

    NSW: Wild 2 Free Inc. – who lost their 850 acre kangaroo sanctuary near Bateman’s Bay. They also suggest donating to Wildlife Rescue South Coast.

    Victoria: Wildlife Victoria – supporting wildlife shelters and carers around the state

    Queensland: Wildcare Australia helping wildlife in South-east Queensland.

    3) Donating to tree re-planting projects with our “Let’s raise a forest” campaign

    4) Donating to Blaze Aid. Since the Black Saturday fires in 2009, the father of Tracey (Biome’s founder), Murray, has volunteered 10 times with Blaze Aid in many locations helping with the hard labour of rebuilding the fences (and spirits) after fires and flood. We proudly support their work.

    5) Continuing to courageously speak out about climate change, to lobby for government changes, and to educate our community about the actions they can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – as we have done for 15 years since Biome launched. It is the time for urgent and strong action to reduce emissions and avert the worst impacts of global warming.

    A combination of record-breaking heat, drought and high wind conditions have dramatically amplified the fire season in Australia. A recent Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology report showed that 2019 was Australia’s hottest and driest year ever on record.

    We send our love and best wishes to everyone who is impacted by the fires and other hardships.

    Tracey and the Biome team xx

    Feature image thanks to Murray Lowe (Facebook)

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    1. Rosslyn
      January 9, 2020 at 11:08 pm

      Thankyou for saying & other hardships as the drought continues ~ even just an hours drive is very hard hitting on local families, farmers & businesses.

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