• Itchy skin after shaving? Try this | Biome Eco Stores

    Itchy skin after shaving? Try this

    If your skin gets itchy after shaving, it could be a sign of razor burn or folliculitis. Read on as we share some easy ways to help you avoid it. What is razor burn and folliculitis? Razor burn develops immediately after shaving and generally occurs when people dry shave, use an old, blunt blade,...

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    Western Australian businesses to support during lockdown

    Support Western Australian small business through tough times

    Western Australia is home to a vibrant range of small, planet friendly businesses, and we are thrilled to be able to bring you so many toxin free, palm oil free, and low waste alternatives produced in this this wonderful state. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the recent lockdown in parts of the...

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    Green cleaning trends that are here to stay | natural cleaning, eco friendly cleaning, organic cleaners | Biome Eco Store

    Green cleaning trends that are here to stay

    It is inspiring to see so many in our community take steps to remove toxic chemical-laden, synthetic fragranced household cleaners, and replacing them with cleaners that are kinder to people and the environment. We are also excited to be able to bring you more and more cleaning products that are completely plastic free! Check...

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    Veja sneakers available now at Biome

    Why VEJA’s are the only brand of sneaker you need

    We all know that the sneaker trend has only gained more and more popularity over the past few years, and for good reason; it is now perfectly acceptable- applauded even to wear your sneakers at work, out running errands and even while you are sipping on a glass of organic wine at your favourite...

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    Green Friday at Biome Eco Stores

    How to choose GREEN this Black Friday – Cyber Monday

    This weekend it is especially important to show what matters to you by choosing high quality, locally made, zero waste and palm oil free. If you do choose to take advantage of the huge number of sales happening over the Black Friday – Cyber Monday shopping weekend, make it a GREEN choice! Read on...

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    Support South Australian small business through tough times

    Our aim at Biome is to provide a marketplace for the dreams of small planet-friendly, ethical businesses.  South Australia is a hub of vibrant regional businesses producing toxin free, palm oil free, and low waste alternatives. The state also has great environmental achievements to be proud of – learn more about them at the...

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    10 ways to eat more locally

    Doing an inventory of your pantry might uncover some foods that have gone the distance… Rice noodles from Thailand (7,389 km), tinned chickpeas from Italy (16,094 km), lemons from the USA (13,594 km), frozen spinach from New Zealand (2,491 km)… And while they may be cheap and convenient, the costs of other impacts add...

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    Kids books that have an environmental message | Biome Eco Stores

    Our favourite kids books that have an environmental message

    Here at Biome we have a beautiful range of books for kids that offer meaningful messages about nature, recycling, environmental activism, and more. As with all of the books in our collection, we focus on uplifting reads that inspire kids to live with compassion for all who share our planet, curiosity, mindfulness, resourcefulness, and...

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    Honeybee Wraps

    Honeybee Wraps originated in Sherrie Adams’ kitchen eight years ago in the Northern Rivers near Byron Bay. Each day, Sherrie faced the same dilemma when packing her five kids school lunches. She never liked the idea of using single use plastic wrap, and every time she used it, she pondered less wasteful natural alternatives....

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    Making a difference through design

    Shannon Sheedy knew by the end of her 20s that she wanted to do something that was meaningful and gave her a sense of purpose, but she didn’t anticipate she would discover a business idea while travelling around India and Nepal for a year with her husband Mick. The plight of Tibetan refugees motivated...

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    Urthly Organics

    Julie Andrews has been passionate about soaps and natural skin care from a young age. She collected them, made soap balls from her mother’s soaps, she even tried making rose water by boiling rose petals, however she always wondered how soap was made from scratch. In late 1997, as Julie was browsing the stalls...

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    Earth Greetings

    In 2003, Heide Hackworth decided to quit her dreary office job and start a business that ticked all the right eco boxes. Her dream was to produce greeting cards and stationery that were not only good for the planet but that gave back to it too. Drawing on her past experience working in the...

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    A small shed and a big dream

    In a small shed located in one of Australia’s most beautiful and remote landscapes, a group of aboriginal women handmake skin care products enriched with native bush botanicals that are harvested on country as taught by their elders. Using traditional methods combined with modern techniques they create their own take on elders’ bush recipes,...

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    How to choose the right stainless steel wire pegs for you

    Never Buy Pegs Again! The Best Plastic Free Wire Pegs

    Are your plastic and wooden pegs constantly rotting, breaking, falling apart, and leaving plastic bits all over your garden? Our stainless steel wire clothes pegs will solve all your peg woes. They are zero waste, plastic free and will last you a lifetime! These pegs aren’t only great for the washing. They are also...

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    Conscious Step gives an ordinary purchase, extraordinary purpose

    Who knew a pair of socks could plant trees, provide clean drinking water or protect elephants? Conscious Step makes all of these social impacts possible through the purchase of their socks. Conscious Step was founded in 2013 by three friends, Prashant Mehta, Hassan Ahmad and Adam Long.  From a young age, Prashant’s mum encouraged...

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