• Best Natural Ways to Stop Mosquitoes From Biting You

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    Summer is here, and so are the mozzies. But how can you stop mosquitoes from biting you without resorting to products containing chemical pesticides such as DEET (diethyltoluamide) or Picaridin?

    DEET is one of the most common ingredients in conventional mosquito repellents. However it is not the safest option for your health and that of the planet. It has been known to cause rashes, soreness, or even blistering when applied directly to the skin, with the long-term consequences still being studied. It’s also toxic to birds and aquatic animals.

    Mosquitoes are mostly attracted to our body heat and chemicals in our sweat (all of which are hard to stop producing in summer).  DEET and other harmful chemicals are used to mask the smell so that mosquitoes can not find you. However, natural ingredients with a strong scent can equally deter mosquito bites.  These are the best natural ways to stop mosquitoes from biting you:

    Natural ways to stop mosquitoes biting

    1. Essential Oil Deterrent Sprays

    Our Top 5 Ways to Deter Mosquitoes Naturally

    Deterrent spray is the most common form of insect repellent.  Most natural sprays that repel insects are based on a blend of essential oils plus sugar-derived ethanol and plant oils that dilute the essential oils to make them safe to apply to your skin*.

    Biome has created our own effective and very pleasant smelling Mozzie Mist insect deterrent spray that is safe for children from 3 years and kind to sensitive skin types.  And, it is packaged in a reusable glass bottle.

    The Urthly Organics Bug Off Spray uses cedarwood, tea tree, thyme, and blue cypress essential oils, which repels flies, mosquitoes, and sandflies.

    Lil’ Bit Shoo Bug Spray has a fresh scent and is safe for kids and babies. It’s based on a blend of citronella, lavender, lemongrass and rosemary essential oils.

    If you have a DIY-thumb, we also have a recipe to make your own bug repellent! This blend is based on sage, rosemary, lavender and thyme essential oils.

    If you prefer a more solid repellent, the Beauty & The Bees Outdoor Balm has a rich lemon scent and is petrochemical free. It also has no citronella, which may be a harsh ingredient for some people.

    *Usage notes: with essential oil repellents, please always patch test first for sensitivities. The more intense the concentration, the longer the product will last.  Pregnant women should seek advice from a medical professional before using essential oils. You should also expect to reapply natural repellents more often than generic ones.

    We recommend that essential oil sprays and conventional toxic chemical mosquito repellents are not used on babies or children under three years of age.

    2. Burning Sandalwood

    Our Top 5 Ways to Deter Mosquitoes Naturally

    Another way to stop mosquitoes from biting you is to burn sandalwood.

    Our New Mountain Sandalwood Diffuser disperses the sandalwood smoke horizontally at a low level, so it repels where you need it most. It also catches the ash and covers the burning sticks for safety. We have a portable version, or you can simply burn the sandalwood sticks by themselves and stick them upright in pot plants or holders.

    Burning sandalwood replaces the need to burn citronella candles made from paraffin, which is a petrochemical and dangerous when burned or inhaled.

    It’s also a natural alternative to conventional mozzie coils, which can be highly toxic and should be avoided.  The full ingredients are rarely disclosed on the packaging of mozzie coils so you have no idea what you are breathing in, including pyrethroid (a synthetic pyrethrum), allethrin, formaldehyde, and lung carcinogens.  Studies have shown significant potential health effects from breathing in allethrin and particles in the smoke.  New Mountain has released a non toxic mozzie coil diffuser.

    3. Repellent Wristbands

    Our Top 5 Ways to Deter Mosquitoes Naturally

    For those with essential oil sensitivities, a mosquito wristband is a great alternative.

    These wristbands from Para’Kito diffuse a blend of seven plant-based essential oils into the air. As these oils are in the band and don’t make contact with the skin, there’s no risk of irritation on sensitive skin.

    Simply insert the replaceable pellet into the band.  This option is also good for pregnant women and children 3 years and over.

    4. Ultrasonic Repeller

    Our Top 5 Ways to Deter Mosquitoes Naturally

    For a more technologically-advanced approach, this is most controversial of the natural ways to stop mosquitoes biting — repel them with ultrasonic waves!

    This Ultrasonic Repeller uses oscillating ultrasonic sound waves to repel mosquitoes. It’s non toxic, has 3 meter coverage and is small enough to clip and use anywhere.

    It’s also odourless and doesn’t make contact with the skin, which is good for people with sensitivities and who don’t want strong scents as a form of repellent.

    5. Physical Barrier: Nets and Long Clothing

    Our Top 5 Ways to Deter Mosquitoes NaturallyA physical barrier stops mosquitoes from making contact with your arms and legs, and is a precaution that should be taken in mosquito-infested areas.  Long, light clothing that covers arms and legs is preferable, as hot clothing will create more perspiration and attract more mosquitoes.

    For uninterrupted, non-itchy sleep, cotton mosquito nets* are also recommended. They can help keep sandflies and other annoying insects too biting too.  *Biome usually offers beautiful natural calico nets, but unfortunately our supplier is currently unable to supply them.

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