• Four Health Benefits of MCT Oil – Is it Coconut Oil?

    December 11, 2017 • EAT, GUIDES, LIFE

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    MCT Oil, short for Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil, is a dietary supplement with many health benefits. Derived from coconut oil, MCT Oil not only creates sustained energy, but is great in many forms and for those with food intolerances.

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    But how is it different from coconut oil?

    Coconut oil by itself is a great source of healthy fats and Lauric acid. It also contains heaps of Medium Chain Triglycerides. The difference is that MCT Oil is a better source of two specific Medium Chain Triglycerides – Capric and Caprylic acid. These acids mean the oil is absorbed faster, digested faster, and used for energy better by the body.

    So if you want healthy fats and Lauric acid, which boosts immunity, use coconut oil. But if you want quick, sustained energy, MCT is your best option.

    What are the health benefits of MCT Oil?

    1. Sustained Energy

    As the Medium Chain Triglycerides are, well, medium sized, they’re easily digested and absorbed in the body.

    This means they create a sustained release of energy. Perfect for sleepy mornings, long days, gym sessions and life’s hectic schedule.

    The energy boost is also great for athletes and bodybuilders, or anyone needing a kick-start for their daily exercise.

    2. Great for Food Intolerances

    MCT Oil is free from dairy, sugar, lactose, wheat, yeast, and gluten.

    Better yet, our MCT Oil doesn’t contain any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

    It’s a great source of energy that most people should be able to tolerate. If you have any concerns though, we recommend you speak to your health care professional.

    3. Tastes Great in Anything

    As MCT Oil is a flavourless, colourless and odourless liquid, it can be combined with anything to give you an energy boost.

    MCT Oil is great to add to a Bulletproof Coffee, your morning smoothie, coffee, protein shakes or tea. Salad dressings, in unheated sauces, or even by itself.

    4. It’s Palm Oil Free!

    OK, this isn’t so much a health benefit as it is environmental win.

    A lot of MCT Oil currently on the market is derived from a combination of coconut and palm oil.

    However at Biome, we believe the deforestation and harm to animals that results from producing palm oil unsustainably is not only detrimental to the planet, but also completely unnecessary.

    This is why Biome is passionate about selling products that are 100% free of untraceable palm oil, and why we’re the first retail store in the world to be approved by Palm Oil Investigations.

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    In contrast, our MCT Oil is only derived from 100% coconut oil. It comes from coconuts sourced in Thailand on Fair-Trade farms, and it’s from an Australian-owned company. So it’s better for you and the planet too.

    Coconut Magic MCT Oil for Bulletproof Coffee, Sustained Energy, and Overall Wellbeing


    When beginning to use a new dietary supplement, always read the instructions, contact your doctor if you have any concerns, and always start slow so your body adjusts.

    Finding energy these days can be hard, but with MCT Oil, an extra boost of energy is sure to make our days a little easier.

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