• “Drink It In” – A Fashion Collaboration with Brisbane City Council

    August 16, 2019 • PLASTIC FREE / WASTE FREE, STORIES

    Cotton, linen, polyester… it’s unlikely that a dress made from these materials would stop you in your tracks, but what about one made entirely from plastic straws? We are excited to share a recent collaboration between Biome and the Brisbane City Council where we have been lent a stunning wearable art piece to display in our Paddington Collective window.

    The gown, titled “Drink it In”, was constructed entirely out of cut and bent straws that were then melted together piece by piece. It took designer Robyn Woodrow more than 80 hours to create. It’s hard not to look at the gown and instantly consider the immense issue we currently face surrounding plastic straw pollution (and plastic pollution in general).

    The signage in the window highlights the fact that more than one billion straws are used annually across the world with very limited recycling opportunities. But don’t lose hope yet! We at Biome stock a huge variety of reusable straws, straw pouches and straw cleaners, so you can always be ready to say ‘no’ to plastic straws. Be sure to check out this window the next time you’re strolling in Paddington, and stay tuned for more exciting installations to come.

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