• Every DIY Cleaning Recipe You Need To Clean Your Space Naturally!


    With just five simple ingredients, plus some dried herbs and your choice of essential oils, you can clean your space safely, naturally and effectively. It’s true! Read on as we show you how with our simple DIY cleaning recipes, tips and tricks.

    So what do you need? The core ingredients you will need are:

    That’s it!

    Plus some dried herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage, rose and lavender.

    And as for essential oils, handy ones to keep on hand and why include:

    • Clove – antimicrobial, antifungal, kills mould spores
    • Eucalyptus – antibacterial, anti viral, antiseptic
    • Peppermint – antibacterial, deters mould, deters insects
    • Rosemary – antibacterial, anti viral, antiseptic, uplifting
    • Lavender – antibacterial, anti viral, antiseptic, deodorising

    You may have most of these ingredients in your pantry already, but if not you can purchase them all, including the dried herbs and essential oils, from Biome’s Brisbane and online stores. You can also purchase vinegar in bulk using your own container from our stores.

    So how do you use them? Read on as we share our simple DIY cleaning recipes.

    Every DIY Cleaning Recipe You Need to Clean Your Space Naturally | Green Cleaning | Biome Eco Stores

    Green cleaning – DIY and formulated natural cleaning products, plus natural cleaning brushes and sponges are available at Biome.

    Surfaces, Walls, Showers, Baths, Sinks & Stainless Steel

    Vinegar that has been infused with select herbs and combined with certain essential oils and a little cornstarch makes for an exceptional general purpose cleaner that you can use just about anywhere!

    Cornstarch is a natural, very fine, gentle abrasive, that makes cleaning easier and surprisingly, leaves a streak free finish.

    Find our DIY General Purpose Cleaning Spray Recipe here > 

    This recipe is safe to store for up to 6 months, so you can make a large quantity at the one time.

    You can also use soapberries to make a general purpose spray (they’re not just for washing clothes!). Learn 7 ways to use soapberries to clean around the home here >

    Windows, Glass & Mirrors

    Vinegar and cornstarch is all you need to clean glass surfaces, mirrors and windows. So simple and easy to whip up, and just as effective as the Windex or the like. Really!

    Find our DIY Window Cleaner Recipe here > 

    Areas Affected by Mould & Mildew

    Vinegar, bicarb and clove essential oil are the best products to use to clean and remove mould naturally.

    One of the main reasons vinegar and clove oil is popular is that it actually kills the spores, rather than just bleaching and hiding them. If you only bleach the mould, all the health risks (including allergies and asthma problems) will still be there whether you can see the mould or not, and it is likely to grow back in a few days.

    We recommend diluting vinegar in distilled water and adding a few drops of clove oil. Spray this mixture over areas affected by mould, leave for half an hour or so and wipe off. You may need to repeat the process a few times.

    You can also follow our simple DIY Mould & Mildew Cleaner recipe here >

    Before using clove oil to remove mould, we recommend you read this article >

    Toilet Bowls

    You may have heard of toilet cleaning bombs. They work like a bath bomb, fizzing up and cleansing when dropped into water.

    To make toilet cleaning bombs you will need bicarb, citric acid, cornstarch, plus some essential oils of your choice. You will need to set aside a little time to mould them into shape and let them dry, but once they’re ready to use, they make freshening up your loo so quick and easy.

    Find our DIY Toilet Cleaning Bombs Recipe here > 


    We don’t have a DIY recipe for this one on our blog, because it’s just so darn easy! Simply mix a little castile soap with warm water and you’re done. Add a few drops of essential oils if you like – eucalyptus to disinfect or lavender to deodorise. This will work on any floor type – tiles, wooden, vinyl, etc.

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