• How to choose GREEN this Black Friday – Cyber Monday

    November 26, 2020 • LIFE

    This weekend it is especially important to show what matters to you by choosing high quality, locally made, zero waste and palm oil free. If you do choose to take advantage of the huge number of sales happening over the Black Friday – Cyber Monday shopping weekend, make it a GREEN choice! Read on as we share tips to help.

    Green Friday at Biome Eco Stores

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    Black Friday – Cyber Monday: A quick history

    Black Friday occurs on the day after Thanksgiving when festive gift shopping tends to increase, particularly in the US. To tap into this, retailers started offering huge discounts, drawing even more customers to stores.

    Cyber Monday was considered the online equivalent, taking place the following Monday. Nowadays though, most physical and online stores run their discounts across the whole Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend, with many starting well before that.

    In the past few years, the shopping phenomenon has caught on in Australia, Asia and Europe, and has in turn dramatically changed the retail landscape.

    Tips to help you choose green this weekend

    The most environmentally friendly product is the one you didn’t buy, but if you do need something new, here are some tips to help you choose the greener option.

    Choose slow fashion over fast

    Slow fashion is all about minimising or reversing environmental damage, using long term sustainable resources, improving communities, fair working conditions and wearing clothes for longer.

    It is the direct opposite to fast fashion, which refers to clothing and accessories that have been mass produced quickly and cheaply to beat competition and increase customer demand for the ‘latest’ styles.

    The fast fashion industry as a whole is under massive pressure to keep up the pace while keeping prices low, which has led to corners being cut in terms of quality, workplace practices and environmental sustainability. Buying new slow fashion garments will often cost you more because it hasn’t cut these corners.

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    Invest in quality products, designed to last

    Things like stainless steel wire pegs, ice block moulds, razors, coffee pods, and our range of wrought iron cookware are great, high quality options to replace the cheap, plastic alternatives that won’t end up in landfill a short time after purchase. Instead of replenishing these items in a few months time, you’ll be using them for years to come, saving waste and resources in production.

    Opt for products and packaging that is low waste and plastic free

    One of the most common uses for plastic is to package products. Greener choices do exist though – opt for alternatives that are plastic free, package free or that come in low waste recyclable cardboard or paper.

    Here at Biome, along with our huge low waste and plastic free range, we use environmentally-responsible packaging and recycle all packaging materials that are sent to us. We use recycled shredded cardboard to protect your products and we seal your box with paper tape. If there are any packing ‘beads’ in your box, they are made from corn-starch and can be put in your compost or garden. We also offset the environmental impact of shipping your parcel, by giving to Greening Australia’s Reef Aid program.

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    Support local makers and Indigenous-owned brands

    Diviserfilying where you spend your money, and opting to shop at local businesses and support Australian makers helps to strengthen local economies while also fosters job creation. Supporting Indigenous-owned brands is a great way to help close the racial wealth gap too.

    Biome is proud to be a marketplace for hundreds of ethical suppliers, most of which are small Australian businesses, including Indigenous-owned brands.

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