• Celebrating Female Makers, Female Owners

    October 31, 2019 • LIFE

    Take a step inside the sustainably made doors of Biome and a closer look at some of the strong, creative, female led brands that are powering us, Australia’s original female led eco friendly business.

    Biome Eco Store | Biome Gold Coast | Biome Melbourne


    Biome was founded in 2003 by Tracey Bailey, who chose to stop worrying that companies were getting away with greenwashing and instead focus on being part of the future she wanted for the world.

    Thanks to our passionate community support, Biome is these days considered Australia’s most sustainable ethical eco store. We have stores opening all over Australia, plus a popular online store that ships worldwide.

    From day one, Tracey has carefully researched and questioned each supplier for truth in labelling and safe ingredients.

    Biome is Australia’s only truely cruelty free store, being 100% palm oil free too, and we offer a huge range of zero waste, toxin free, locally made and Fairtrade products and solutions. We’re also a certified B Corp, we offset shipping emissions, and support a range of conservation initiatives around the world, including the sponsorship of Manis the oragutan!

    We are fortunate at Biome to work with so many other female business owners and creatives. Continue reading below as we share just a small selection of our favourites.


    Biome Eco Store | Biome Gold Coast | Biome Melbourne

    Inspired by the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, Dr. Marion O’Leary, a former veterinarian, pathologist and medical scientist, has formulated her Mokosh range from only the purest, most beneficial ingredients.

    Mokosh does not compromise on what goes into their products, nor do they compromise on what stays out – synthetic, ingredients, palm oil and plastic packaging will never be part of the range.

    Discover Marion’s Mokosh range here > 

    Knotting Naked

    Biome Eco Store | Biome Gold Coast | Biome Melbourne | Female led Business | Female Owners, Female Makers

    Knotting Naked was founded by Brisbane creative, Nancy George, who uses natural hemp twine to crochet practical, durable, waste saving products for around the home. We just love her range of soap savers and dish scrubbers.

    Find Nancy’s Knotting Naked range here > 

    The Physic Garden

    Biome Eco Store | Biome Gold Coast | Biome Melbourne | Female led Business | Female Owners, Female Makers

    Charelle has a deep passion for plants and nature, and her brand, The Physic Garden helps people reconnect with plants in a practical, enjoyable way. Her balms and natural deodorants, with their carefully selected natural, vegan ingredients, soothe, protect and hydrate.

    Shop The Physic Garden range here > 

    Kylie Johnson


    Brisbane based ceramic artist, author, curator, gallery and shop owner, Kylie Johnson creates whimsical ceramic fruit earrings, brooches, stars (these are a great gift idea) and other decorative creations. They have been a favourite amongst Biome customers for many years.

    Discover Kylie’s Paper Boat Press range here >  

    Earth Greetings

    Heidi, founder of Earth Greetings, is an Adelaide based nature love, bush walker, cyclist and koala spotter.

    Her mission is to use the most Earth friendly materials and processes available to make beautiful cards, wrapping paper, gift tags, diaries and stationary more, with the lightest possible footprint.

    Find Heidi’s Earth Greetings range here >

    Champ Design

    Lauren Steller is the founder, director, architect and head product designer at Champ Co. Her playful range includes earrings made from recycled aeroplane tyres!

    Lauren embraces the concept of infinite play, as opposed to finite play which consists of rules, guidelines, stops and starts. According to Champ, infinite play is a great educator for being resourceful and encouraging us to think beyond our usual limits. It connects us to the joy of life, thus having positive reinforcement to take care of ourselves and the planet.

    Shop Lauren’s Champ Co. range here >