You can get refills for that?! | Refill and bulk options at Biome Eco Stores

    Refill without packaging waste at Biome

    Purchasing refills or items in bulk will save packaging waste, reduce waste ending up in landfill, and will often save you money too (it’s often cheaper per kg/ml). And you won’t believe the kind of things you can buy in bulk or buy refills for. From Bokashi grain to dental floss, deodorant to soapberries,...

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    How are plastic straws harmful to the environment?

    Did you know that straws are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to polluting the environment? They may seem small and insignificant, but when you add up the number of straws used every day, it’s a lot of plastic waste. Straws are made from plastic, which is not biodegradable. This means that...

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    Are Hair Ties Bad For The Environment

    Are Hair Ties Bad For The Environment? The Alternative…

    For many people, moving towards sustainable living can seem like an insurmountable task. We get it — there’s a lot of information out there and it can be hard to know where to start. The good news is that even the smallest of changes make a difference, so why not start with your hair...

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    How to brew a zero waste coffee | Biome Eco Stores

    Sustainable Coffee: Eco-friendly Practices – Start to Finish

    We love a cup of coffee or two throughout the day, but we don’t love the potential impact our coffee habit has on the environment. Don’t worry — we’re not suggesting you give up on coffee altogether. There are ways to create a more sustainable, low-waste cup of coffee that tastes incredible and produces...

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    The Best Vegan Skincare Products In Australia

    The Best Vegan Skincare Products In Australia

    Here at Biome, we have an extensive range of vegan skincare products that are low waste, toxin-free, palm oil-free, and cruelty-free. So, they’re good for you and our earth. In this guide, we break down all things vegan skincare, including our top picks for the best vegan skincare products in Australia. What Is Vegan...

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    Make your own natural mouthwash - Biome Naked Beauty Bar - DIY skin care

    How to make a natural homemade mouthwash with Biome

    Perhaps you’re researching natural mouthwash because you saw the term splashed across a label at the supermarket, or maybe you heard it in passing. Well, here is a rundown of what it is, the ingredients we use, and a little recipe that is great for bad breath, oral hygiene, avoiding tooth decay, and a...

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    Switch synthetic fragrances for natural, plastic free fragrances

    I want to… switch out plastic packaged artificial fragrances

    So you want to make the switch from plastic packaged artificial fragrances to something natural? Good for you! In doing so you will be avoiding synthetic ingredients that may be harmful to your health, and helping to keep plastic packaging out of landfill and from polluting our environment. And best of all, making the...

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    3 Simple Swaps - Wooden Combs & Brushes

    I want to… switch to wooden combs and brushes

    So you want to make the switch from plastic combs and brushes to those made from wood and natural fibres? Good for you! It’s so easy. Keep reading for our suggested swaps. Wooden brushes and combs are much gentler on your hair, may reduce frizz, and at the end of their life can be...

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    Viva La Body | Buy shampoo bars online Australia | Australian made beauty products

    Meet Jo & Micko from Viva La Body!

    Jo here, founder of Viva La Body. I was born and raised in Queensland and in 1992 moved to Darwin to go to Uni. I fell in love with Darwin and a certain human called Micko (he was raised in Melbourne) and never left!! Viva started back in 1999 on the kitchen bench in...

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    Going plastic free - the first things to replace

    Going plastic free: the first things to replace

    Join the many change makers living with less plastic Cut fossil fuel demand to reduce the progression of climate change Reduce waste that clogs up landfill, and litters our waterways and natural areas Reduce the toxins your body is exposed to, like BPA, phthalates and flame retardants Save money by re-using, such as cling...

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