The stories of our products and the people who make them.  By supporting the people making our products, you are helping to make their dreams viable and encouraging responsible enterprise.



    Meet the Maker: Kin Kin cleaning products!

    What do you do after a career of formulating OMO detergents and moving to Kin Kin in the Sunshine Coast hinterland?  You come up with an all natural alternative using the combination of these skills and 100% natural ingredients to produce  natural cleaning products that actually work! This is the story of Felix & Sandy who say they...

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    Meet the Maker: Natural Lipstick – luk beautifood

      Cindy Luken – the creator of lük beautifood, believes that nourishing your body with beautiful food is central to cultivating your beauty. She also believes that food active nutrients are essential for your skin, body and mind to operate at optimum levels. “I created lük beautifood not as a ‘high gloss’ cosmetic brand,...

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    S.E.A.T wooden stool – small but mighty.

    Meet the Maker: S.E.A.T – The little wooden stool that could!

    Eco furniture for kids S.E.A.T Project are here with a piece of eco furniture that does so much for something so little! The wooden stool for children does so much for something that measures a modest 37cm high. The people behind S.E.A.T have established a company that helps communities both in Australia and worldwide,...

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    Meet the Maker: Kylie Johnson

    A ceramic artist and poet since the early 90’s, Kylie Johnson is the creator behind the charming paper boat press, a boutique ceramic studio in Brisbane, Australia. (+ chance to win!)  

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    Meet the Maker: A S’well way to keep water cold & safe

    S’well pictures a world where plastic bottles don’t pollute the planet, and where all people have access to fresh drinking water. S’well water bottles are beautifully crafted, insulated water bottles that not only have the ability to keep cold drinks cold, and hot ones hot, they use the highest quality stainless steel, leach no...

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