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    Takeaway food without waste

    Does the plastic and paper waste that accompanies most takeaway meals sour the taste for you?  Here’s a step-by-step guide to happily have your fill without landfill.  

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    Meet the Maker: Kylie Johnson

    A ceramic artist and poet since the early 90’s, Kylie Johnson is the creator behind the charming paper boat press, a boutique ceramic studio in Brisbane, Australia. (+ chance to win!)  

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    Face the fax

    While not the letterbox variety, this paper waster is up there in the eco frustration stakes. The final in our series on reducing unnecessary mail. 

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    Say it with flowers

    Wish your Mum a happy Mother’s Day with flowers…but not the last-a-day throwaway variety.  These floral finds are for reusing.

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    Clever kids make do

    A big shout out to Caine Monroy for inspiring other kids to get crafty and reuse!  This great little story exploded on the internet recently and it’s spawned the best kind of copycat behaviour…the eco friendly kind.  

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    Glass revival

    Glass is experiencing a resurgence in popularity for food and beverage storage.  About time we feel, glass is so wonderful for reusing as it stays looking great for years.  

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    Unplug for the planet

    Wherever you are on 8:30pm on the last Saturday in March (this year the 31st) be sure to join in an effort to protect this wonderful planet with millions of fellow Earthlings.

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