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    Say it with flowers

    Wish your Mum a happy Mother’s Day with flowers…but not the last-a-day throwaway variety.  These floral finds are for reusing.

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    Clever kids make do

    A big shout out to Caine Monroy for inspiring other kids to get crafty and reuse!  This great little story exploded on the internet recently and it’s spawned the best kind of copycat behaviour…the eco friendly kind.  

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    Glass revival

    Glass is experiencing a resurgence in popularity for food and beverage storage.  About time we feel, glass is so wonderful for reusing as it stays looking great for years.  

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    Unplug for the planet

    Wherever you are on 8:30pm on the last Saturday in March (this year the 31st) be sure to join in an effort to protect this wonderful planet with millions of fellow Earthlings.

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    Meet the Maker: A S’well way to keep water cold & safe

    S’well pictures a world where plastic bottles don’t pollute the planet, and where all people have access to fresh drinking water. S’well water bottles are beautifully crafted, insulated water bottles that not only have the ability to keep cold drinks cold, and hot ones hot, they use the highest quality stainless steel, leach no...

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    Paper Boat Press Poetry, ceramics and keepsakes

    This Christmas, you’ll find hanging from the branches of trees all around Australia and the world, thousands of little white ceramic keepsake stars stamped lovingly with the name of someone precious in that home. Each personalised star began its ceramic transformation in the tranquil open-air studio of Brisbane artist Kylie Johnson.  In this creative...

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    Kids Konserve Mini Containers

    The greener lunch option

        Co-founders of Kids Konserve – a company that produces waste-free lunch kits and other reusable lunch-packing products – Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton saw a pressing need that required immediate attention – a way to pack and keep lunches that was sustainable and environmentally friendly.  Calculating the amount waste being produced each...

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    Lunchskins Sandwich Bag Lizard

    Say goodbye to lunchtime landfill

      When three mums from Maryland USA heard that everyday more than 20 million plastic sandwich bags were disposed of in the USA alone, they realised there was a need for change.  From a discussion around a kitchen table Lunchskins and 3greenmoms were born. The mission of these three green minded women was to to design...

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