Edible gardens bring joy

    Whether you live on acreage, in a suburban house or even an inner city apartment, you can easily start growing an edible garden and in no time at all be enjoying fresh organic produce. And now that spring has sprung, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to get out there. Get your gloves...

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    growing food

    Growing your own food

    Although you might think you wouldn’t grow enough to make a difference to your grocery bill each week, you would be surprised at how much having a small patch in the back yard will actually produce and how much you will save on your food bills. I have a small plot in my backyard...

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    One girl’s journey to simplify her life

    The Biome Blog Program invites you to share your healthy harmonious lifestyle choices with the wider Biome community. Your stories inspire us all to move forward on our sustainability journey. To share your stories with us, head to the Green Living Guide and contact Tracey for more information. Our regular blogger, Jennifer Donovan, is a...

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    Local food initiatives we love

    We’ve rounded up some of our favourite local food initiatives.  We’ve love to hear from you in the comments below this post of any of your favourite local food heroes and businesses!  You can also now collect your Food Connect box from Biome’s Brisbane city store.

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    Bokashi makes kitchen composting easy

    The family behind the Urban Composter recognised the need for an easy to use indoor compost bin.  They required an alternative to an unsightly plastic bin on the kitchen bench and didn’t want to put their kitchen scraps through a disposal unit and into the drain.  Lynette and son Luke were immediately attracted to...

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