Bokashi composting - everything you've ever wanted to know | Biome Eco Stores

    Bokashi Composting: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

    A bokashi compost system is one of the easiest ways to direct food waste away from landfill and instead create valuable soil conditioner and fertiliser for your garden. Plus, it will help you avoid the need for a bin liner! With so many of you interested in bokashi style composting, we’ve answered your most...

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    Beginners Guide to Starting a Veggie Garden | Biome Eco Stores

    Beginners Guide to Starting a Veggie Garden

    A veggie garden is an easy way to save money, eat better, and reap the benefits of being out in nature.  Plus, together with composting you can keep looping the nutrients from your food scraps back into the garden.  The best part is it’s not hard to do! But to make it even easier...

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    How to use Epsom salt around the home | Biome Eco Stores

    10 Ways to Use Epsom Salt Around the Home

    Epsom salt has a long history of use around the home, in health, beauty, cleaning and gardening. A magnesium-based salt, instead of sodium-based like table salt, Epsom is full of minerals and beneficial properties. So here are 10 ways you can use Epsom salt around the home. 10 Ways to Use Epsom Salt Around...

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    Urban Greens Window Sill Veggie Garden

    Christmas Gifts That Keep Giving

    Christmas is almost here. By now you are probably thinking of gifts for loved ones and perhaps you have a nagging feeling that it is all a bit wasteful. So many ‘normal’ gifts end up in landfill or are made of dangerous plastic. To assuage your worries and give you a happy alternative, here...

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    10 plastic free ideas you haven't thought of

    10 Plastic Free Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

    Many of you are already reducing single use plastic by using a reusable coffee cup, produce bags, water bottles, and a stainless steel straw. But here are 10 new plastic free ideas you might never have thought of. Top Plastic Free Ideas for Plastic Free July Shampoo bar instead of shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles! Our first...

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    How to keep veggies fresh in the fridge for longer - The Swag

    How to Keep Veggies Fresh with The Swag

    Has the War On Waste show on the ABC inspired you to reduce your food waste each week? The Swag is a useful tool to help you do just that, helping to keep you fresh fruit and veggies fresher for longer. Unfortunately, as we know, when food rots in landfill, it gives off methane,...

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    6 ways to get kids interested in nature

    Our Favourite Things to Inspire a Love of Nature in Children

    Inspiring a love of nature in kids of any age encourages them to become empowered by the world around them and develop a want to protect it. Here are six of our favourite things on the shelves at Biome that build excitement and curiosity about nature. Hello Nature by Nina Chakrabarti   Oh to...

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    Biome Bee House, Native Bee Hotel

    How to attract native bees to your garden

    Australian native bees and wasps are the tiny mystery helpers in our garden. There are over 1,500 varieties of native bees throughout Australia, and they can be black, yellow, red, metallic green or even black with blue polka dots! Some are fat and furry, while others are sleek and shiny. The largest is the...

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    Gardening with children, by Biome guest blogger Julie Orr

    Goodbye Winter and hello Spring! I was so happy when the first day of spring rolled in. That morning my girls went into the garden and picked a little bunch of flowers for each of their teachers. What a perfect way to welcome spring and it put a beaming smile on my face. I love...

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    Beginners Guide to Composting

    Beginner’s Guide to Composting

    Composting can be a rewarding and planet-friendly activity. It allows you to create a closed loop in your own home by turning food scraps into rich nutrients for your garden. But it can seem intimidating if you don’t know where to start. In this article, we’ve tried to break down 3 major types of...

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    Edible gardens bring joy

    Whether you live on acreage, in a suburban house or even an inner city apartment, you can easily start growing an edible garden and in no time at all be enjoying fresh organic produce. And now that spring has sprung, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to get out there. Get your gloves...

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    growing food

    Growing your own food

    Although you might think you wouldn’t grow enough to make a difference to your grocery bill each week, you would be surprised at how much having a small patch in the back yard will actually produce and how much you will save on your food bills. I have a small plot in my backyard...

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