Clean your home without the use of heavy metals, toxins and harsh chemicals.

    favourite palm oil free ranges

    Palm oil free products we love

    It’s easy to choose palm oil free products at Biome! We do not sell products containing palm oil.  If you don’t know what the fuss is about “palm oil free” or you have been searching for alternatives, read on for the story — and please let us know in the comments what you think.

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    Eucalytpus Oil For Cleaning

    Eucalyptus oil is a  hard-working essential oil that can be used for an incredible number of purposes, including eucalyptus oil for cleaning green in the home. Eucalyptus oil for cleaning is extracted from the foliage of our native Australian Eucalyptus trees and is a natural disinfectant, anti-bacterial cleanser and deodoriser.  Eucalyptus oil cleaning uses...

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    organic coconut oil

    Coconut oil for skin

    Coconut oil is the closest plant oil in structure to your skin’s own natural oils All commercial polyunsaturated oils (soy bean, sunflower, olive, etc.) are made up of large molecules of fatty acids called long chain fatty acids.  Sebum, the natural oil produced by your skin, is a short chain fatty acid made up...

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    A fresh start to the New Year

    The New Year is a time that many of us regroup, then reconsider what is going on in our busy lives.  If you are determined to live life with less chemicals this year, read on for some eco brilliant (re)solutions.

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