Clean your home without the use of heavy metals, toxins and harsh chemicals.

    How to make your own vegan furniture polish

    How to Make Furniture Polish with Coconut Oil

      We’ll let you in on a little secret: you can keep your home free of toxins and chemicals without compromising on the appearance of your furniture. If your home is fitted with wooden surfaces, you’ll know how important it is to treat the wood to prevent damage. But if you’re looking to avoid...

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    Cleaning with Baking Soda and Vinegar - DIY All the Way

    Cleaning with Baking Soda and Vinegar – DIY All the Way!

    Cleaning your home with simple, natural ingredients is a great way to limit waste, save money, and protect your home and the environment from toxins. While they sound a little too good to be true, chemical-free cleaning products can be whipped up using just a few ingredients you likely already have stored away in...

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    How to tackle moisture and mould naturally

    How to Tackle Moisture & Mould Naturally

    It’s been a soggy week in some parts of Australia and we’re a little bit over everything being so damp! And of course, where there is damp, there is mould. Read on as we share ways you can tackle both the moisture and the mould without harmful chemicals. Absorb Moisture Linii Huon Pine works to...

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    Time to replenish your cleaning items? Make the switch to green

    Time to replenish your cleaning items? Make the switch to green!

    The easiest way to turn your cleaning green is to make the switch each time as something runs out.  So, what’s next on your shopping list? Multipurpose household cleaner Switch from Spray & Wipe to pure castile soap. Pure castile soap is a powerhouse of usefulness! Biome’s gentle and non-drying formula is perfect for hands and...

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    Herbal Homemade Fabric Softener | Green Cleaning | Biome Eco Stores

    Homemade Natural Fabric Softener – DIY with Biome

    There’s nothing quite like slipping into freshly washed, super-soft clothing. Fabric softeners were designed to make your clothes smell good and feel fluffy. However, most fabric softeners on the market contain so many synthetics that they actually break down the fibres in your clothes, and leave them smelling like chemicals. If you’d prefer not...

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    compost pet waste feature

    The Pet Guide: Composting Poo and Litter

    For every pet owner, pet minder and dog walker, disposing of pet waste is a daily task. Picking up pet waste is the socially respectful thing to do; it helps to keep our parks, streets, and backyards clean and safe for everyone. However, where the waste goes after it’s been picked up and bagged...

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    Clean up Australia Day 2022 is here! 

    Here at Biome, looking after our environment is at the forefront of our priorities, and we have always been huge supporters of the Clean Up Australia Day initiative. Clean Up Australia Day is a day where hundreds of thousands of caring individuals take to the streets, beaches, parks and bushland to help keep our...

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    Why air drying your clothes will prolong their longevity

    Why air drying your clothes will prolong their longevity

    Air drying your clothing is an environmentally friendly approach to drying your clothes that also prolongs the longevity of your garments. It’s essential to our sustainability journey to look after the clothing we own with love and care. Here at Biome, we believe air drying your clothing where possible is a part of this. ...

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    Best fragrance free soaps for sensitive skin including babies and children

    The best fragrance free soaps for sensitive skin

    Many soaps and body washes available in supermarkets and chemists that are marketed towards those with sensitive skin are actually full of known skin irritants themselves (Lauric Acid, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Alumina, for example). But we’ve found these natural, fragrance free free soaps for sensitive skin that you can absolutely trust! They’re all guaranteed palm...

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    Essentially Australia Australian made and produced eucalyptus essential oil

    Where to Find Australian Grown & Produced Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Although native to Australia and considered a quintessential Australian scent, many of the eucalyptus essential oils available for sale in Australia have been produced in China. Among the network marketing brands and those sold in supermarkets and chemists, few use eucalyptus oil grown here. In fact, of the approximately 7,000 tonnes of eucalyptus oil...

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    Green cleaning trends that are here to stay | natural cleaning, eco friendly cleaning, organic cleaners | Biome Eco Store

    Green cleaning trends that are here to stay

    It is inspiring to see so many in our community take steps to remove toxic chemical-laden, synthetic fragranced household cleaners, and replacing them with cleaners that are kinder to people and the environment. We are also excited to be able to bring you more and more cleaning products that are completely plastic free! Check...

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    How to choose the right stainless steel wire pegs for you

    Never Buy Pegs Again! The Best Plastic Free Wire Pegs

    Are your plastic and wooden pegs constantly rotting, breaking, falling apart, and leaving plastic bits all over your garden? Our stainless steel wire clothes pegs will solve all your peg woes. They are zero waste, plastic free and will last you a lifetime! These pegs aren’t only great for the washing. They are also...

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    How to improve indoor air quality at home

    Most of us spend a considerable amount of time inside our homes, so it’s important to keep the indoor air as clean as possible, especially during winter when we’re likely to keep our windows and doors shut to seal out the cold. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality can be twice...

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