• Cacao, Peppermint & Orange DIY Tinted Lip Balm

    June 20, 2017 • BEAUTY, DIY RECIPES

    Cacao, Peppermint & Orange DIY Tinted Lip Balm

    Our gorgeous, smooth and chocolatey DIY tinted lip balm, with its almost burgundy palette is just divine. With the added benefits of nourishing shea and cocoa butters, and a little castor oil for shine, this vegan lip balm is a must to have in your hand bag this winter.

    How to Make Your Own Cacao, Peppermint & Orange DIY Tinted Lip Balm



    1. Place a small 120ml glass jar into a saucepan that has been filled with approximately 2cm of water (like a double boiler).
    2. Into the glass jar, add the coconut oil, caster oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, candelilla wax. Turn heat to medium to gently melt the ingredients.
    3. Once the ingredients have melted, remove glass jar from heat and carefully stir in the cacao powder and red clay. Stir until the liquid mixture has absorbed all the powders and is a rich red brown tint. It should be a smooth, grainless consistency.
    4. Add all the essential oils and stir again. Once you are happy with the scent, carefully pour your lip balm into clean, dry 15ml containers and seal. Let cool before sealing. This may help prevent any potential mildew forming inside the lid.

    How to Use:

    Apply on your lips as needed throughout the day and night. It will moisturise, protect and nourish your lips, while giving them a splash of colour at the same time.

    You can keep any remaining mixture in the 120ml glass jar you used to make it in. When you need to top up your 15ml container, simply melt down the mixture in the 120ml jar using the double boiler method, as above, and carefully pour in.

    Note: if you notice a slight tingling sensation on your lips, that is the peppermint oil. If you are sensitive to essential oils, you can omit these if you like.

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