• 6 Waste Free Lunch Swaps Under $20

    January 16, 2020 • LIFE, PLASTIC FREE / WASTE FREE

    Ready to reduce single use plastic waste but mindful of not spending too much money? Well we’re here to show you that you can go low waste and eco friendly on a budget without compromising on quality and an ethical production process! Read on as we share our favourite waste free lunch swaps that cost less than $20, including glass and stainless steel options!

    KeepCup Medium Clear Plastic Cup – $18

    6 Waste Free Lunch Swaps Under $20 | Biome Eco Store


    Did you know that once you’ve used a reusable KeepCup 15 times you have reached break even on its life cycle, including cleaning.  Every use after that is a bonus for the planet!

    Let’s say you buy one coffee, five days a week, 48 weeks of the year. By using a KeepCup you will have saved the waste and production of 240 disposable coffee cups! Woo hoo!

    The clear plastic KeepCup range is made from a resilient, clear tritan that offers the clarity of glass with a lightweight feel.

    710ml Glasslock Container – $13.95

    6 Waste Free Lunch Swaps Under $20 | Biome Eco Store

    A great option for bringing leftovers, packing a sandwich or wrap, containing a fresh salad or even picking up takeaway, the 710ml Glasslock container is a very handy allrounder.

    Opt to bring your lunch from home each day instead of picking up takeaway and you could save up to 240 disposable takeaway containers ending up in landfill! Wow!

    Glasslock containers are made from thick, high quality glass with a snap on BPA free, leak proof, stain resistant plastic lid. They are microwave safe and freezer safe.

    EcoPocket Starter Set – $19.99

    6 Waste Free Lunch Swaps Under $20 | Biome Eco StoreThis set of three reusable zip lock bags are the perfect size for storing all kinds of work lunches. Nuts, popcorn, slices, bliss balls, fruit, biscuits, muffins, sandwiches and rolls will all fit into the one, two and six cup capacity bags.

    By switching to a waste free option, you could eliminate the waste of up to 720 pieces of cling wrap and single use plastic zip lock bags every year! Amazing!

    EcoPocket is made from PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate), which is a non-chlorinated vinyl and often used as a healthier alternative to PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It is BPA free.

    Wrap’d Reusable Wrap Holder – $19.95

    6 Waste Free Lunch Swaps Under $20 | Biome Eco Store

    Love a lunch time wrap? Keep it wrapped up without waste with Wrap’d!

    Lets say you bring a salad wrap to work three days a week. By switching to a reusable wrap holder you could save the waste of up to 144 pieces of cling wrap, foil or baking paper (whatever you use to keep your wrap together!). Every bit counts!

    This handy, reusable, peel-to-open silicone pouch is a unique Australian design that’s fun for children and adults alike. Peel down each side like a banana, little by little, to keep the wrap together as you eat.

    Keepleaf Sandwich Wrap – $14.95

    6 Waste Free Lunch Swaps Under $20 | Biome Eco Store

    Who needs cling wrap when you’ve got a Keep Leaf sandwich wrap!

    Replace your cling wrapped sandwiches and snacks with a reusable Keep Leaf sandwich wrap and you could save up to 240 pieces of plastic cling wrap from ending up in landfill and our environment (assuming you pack something wrapped in cling wrap every day). How great is that!

    These handy waste free wraps double as a placemat and feature a velcro closure with a food safe liner that keeps your food fresh. They are free from BPA, lead and phthalates.

    Green Essentials Snack Pot – $19.95

    6 Waste Free Lunch Swaps Under $20 | Biome Eco Store

    Suitable for large snacks and small lunches this robust, leakproof stainless steel jar by Green Essentials is bound to be used for years to come.

    Switch single use cling wrap or take away containers for a multifunctional container like this one and you will save huge amounts of waste over the course of a year. Awesome!

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