• BrewSmith makes brewing easy!

    August 4, 2014 • LIFE

    Is your Dad a BrewSmith kind of guy? This fathers day why not give dad something you know he will make a lot of use out of.

    Brewing your own beer or cider is a fun and easy way to save money and waste! The BrewSmith ingredients are high quality being on par with those used by commercial craft breweries, meaning not only excellent taste but also better fermentation as you cook your  beer on a stove top and add your own hops.  The five liter fermenting bottle is made of glass, not plastic, which makes it easier to clean and stops the beer from oxidizing.  Producing smaller quantities of beer means you don’t need any special equipment – with easy to follow instructions, a standard kitchen and kitchen equipment are all you need. While you experiment you can rest assured your beer will taste great with consistent results – these kits have been tried and tested many time so you can be confident these kits are going to work.

    The reusable BrewSmith kit contains everything you need to make your first batch of beer.  All you need is some bottles  and basic kitchen equipment. Your kit contains malt extract, hops, specialty grains, and premium brewing yeast, comprehensive instructions, 5 litre glass fermenter, airlock, bung, syphon with hand pump, bottle brush and sanitiser.   To start again, all you need to do is sanitise your equipment , choose which flavour you’re going to do next and buy a recipe refill.

    Is brewing hard to do?

    No, people have been brewing beer at home for thousands of years.  If you can make soup, you can make beer!  There are 3 simple steps to follow and the yeast really does most of the work.

    Do I need any special equipment?

    Along with the BrewSmith kit, you only require standard kitchen equipment.  A large stock pot, a spoon and a sieve are all you need.

    How long does brewing take?

    An hour of the boil (cooking on your stove top) followed by around one week in the fermenter (where your alcohol develops) and two weeks in bottles (where the carbonation develops) and your beer is ready to drink.

    What kind of bottles should I use for bottling my beer?

    There are a number of options.  We recommend re-using screw top wine bottles or Grolsch style flip top bottles.  You can also re-use beer bottles and buy caps and cappers.  We sell caps and you can buy cappers from home brewing stores such as Liquorcraft.  You can also buy the flip top style bottles from home brewing stores such as Liquorcraft too.

    Does the beer taste good?

    Yes!  Natural, good quality ingredients and the same method as the craft brewing industry uses produces excellent tasting beer.

    How many beers does the BrewSmith beer making kit produce?

    13 stubbies or 4.5 litres

    Will the bottles explode?

    No, exploding home brew bottles are a result of beer that hasn’t fully fermented prior to bottling or too much sugar in the bottles during the secondary fermentation phase.  Follow our instructions and you’ll be fine.  Ensure the beer has fully fermented before bottling (it should have been a week, it should have clarified and it should have stopped bubbling) and put the right amount of sugar in the bottles.

    What’s the cost per beer?

    After the initial investment of the kit, re-fills are $20 or $1.50 per stubbie.

    Will it give me bad hangovers?

    No, your hangovers (if any) should be vastly improved since this beer contains no preservatives and doesn’t use any filtration agents (often fish/egg/dairy products) like commercial beer.

    Can I change the recipe and experiment?

    Sure!  We encourage you to experiment as long as you tell us how it went!  Want to add orange or lime zest to your Summer Citrus Blonde beer instead of lemon?  Go ahead.  Or maybe you’d like to add ginger or spices to your Chocolate Paradise Porter.  The variations you could make are endless.  Experiment with nuts, spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables (e.g. pumpkin or beetroot).  You just add the flavours in during the last few minutes of the boil.

    Shipping time & freight surcharge:  Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery and note that due to the bulky size of the kit an additional postage charge may apply depending on delivery destination if ordered with other items. We will contact you for approval of any additional charges before shipping.  Please see our delivery & shipping page for more details. It’s time to order now to ensure your BreSmith arrives before Fathers Day!

    See the BrewSmith range here >     For more information check out the BrewSmith video