• Biome Room Mist – The Whole Story From its Creator

    November 8, 2017 • ECO HOME, LIFE, STORIES

    Biome Room Mist - Toxin Free Home Fragrance

    What is the Biome Room Mist and why is it so popular

    Have you ever walked into a room and wondered what that amazing smell is? If you’ve ever walked into a Biome store and had that experience, then it would be our bespoke, thoughtfully created Room Mist.

    These sprays are created by our very own product alchemist and tester extraordinaire, Nancy George. Using a combination of our essential oils in a sugar derived ethanol solution, the Biome Room Mist serves many purposes. Not only does it smell divine, it also lifts the senses. Plus, the sugar ethanol ensures that the scent is held in the air for longer.

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    The Room Mist doesn’t just mask odours either, it eliminates. The pure essential oils used won’t damage your body’s biome like the chemicals in most commercially available sprays. The sugar derived ethanol is a natural neutraliser. Spray on couches, beds, cushions or just around the room to ensure that the smell-causing bacteria is destroyed.

    The delightful Room Mist is palm oil free, vegan and not tested on people’s best friends – animals. They contain 100% pure bergamot, rose geranium and lemon myrtle essential oils which have superb natural antibacterial and antiviral properties. What could be nicer?

    In this ‘Whole Story’ we ask Biome’s Product Development Manager, Nancy George, how the Room Mist came into being.

    How did you get involved with Biome and what is your background?

    From the word go I’ve always been interested in making my own soap and natural perfume. I used to supply Biome with these lovingly handmade products and then one day 10 years ago I jokingly asked Tracey (Bailey, founder of Biome) for a job during one of my soap deliveries. She said yes. So from then on I’ve been on a Biome journey from managing the stores to now being Biome’s Product Development Manager.

    So how did this beautiful Room Mist get invented?

    The Room Mist was born as we had loads of customers coming into the stores in the early days commenting on how beautiful the scent was in there. It literally drew them inside and we loved all the wonderful comments it brought. It was amazing!

    Because of this level of enquiry and customers mentioning that they would buy the “smell” if we could bottle it, that’s exactly what I did. It took months of getting the “smell” right but one day I nailed it. It was very exciting and to this day it’s still one of Biome’s top sellers with people from all walks of life buying it.

    Some buy it in bulk for hotels, bed & breakfasts and backpacker hostels. Even real estate agents who need to “purify” the house before an open house inspection. Many buy it for their loved ones overseas. I always get excited to hear when some end up on the other side of the world. But mostly it’s the true regulars that consistently buy it. I receive so many amazing comments from customers who just love it. That it works, it lingers and really does combat odours.

    How is the Biome Room Mist different from other brands?

    There are so many brands of room sprays out there, though the main comment I get is that it’s different and it works. The smell is totally unique to Biome and it’s made with loads of enthusiastic love! I often relax by wandering down to my “lab” at home, turning some music on and start blending. I tweak the batch slightly depending on my mood and the season. In summer I’ll add a little more citrus and floral oils and in the colder months an extra splash of cinnamon or clove. No two batches are ever the same, but they never lose their unique Biome smell.

    My neighbours are always aware of when I’m making a batch as they can smell it. They call me a witch working from my cauldron which makes me smile. So do the many people that use it and come back for more.

    I then bring them to work to label them and before each label is applied, each bottle is shaken and opened to release any air. We call this shake and burp. This stops build-up of pressure to avoid leakage during their travels.

    Naturally, I designed a Festive room spray that captures our Australian Christmas. It flew off the shelves last year and is available again this year, in-store and online here >

    Will you be extending the range?

    We often get asked for the blend to be available as an essential oil as people would like to put it in their oil burners. We are working on releasing this in the New Year. One lady commented that while she’s waiting for this to happen she just adds the room spray into her burner.

    It has a multitude of uses including as an effective deodorant. A little goes along way.

    It’s currently available in a 125ml plastic bottle and I’m working on finding a larger size glass bottle to offer it in.

    It has had a facelift recently with the new label. It has a fresh new look, though the ingredients remain the same.

    Well, that’s about it Nancy. Thanks for sharing your infectious enthusiasm for this lovely product.

    If you’d like to check it out on our website, have a look here.