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    What are the benefits of composting? (For absolute beginners!) 

    March 11, 2022 • ECO HOME, LIFE
    Why do people compost | Biome

    This article is for those who are ready to admit it finally… I don’t know why people compost! Many articles explain how we can get started, but many of us are still stuck on the “why” we should get started.  The term composting is thrown around quite a lot in conjunction with recycling and...

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    Ten reasons to swap your plastic pegs to steel pegs 

    March 11, 2022 • LIFE
    Ten reasons to swap your plastic pegs to steel pegs

    1. Longevity The number one benefit of steel pegs is longevity! They are designed to last you a lifetime. (If you pick the correct type of steel for your home environment, of course, refer to our blog post for that here). That’s right, no more replacing your pegs every few years.    2. Zero waste ...

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    VEJA Drops Vegan Sneakers Made From Corn Leather

    March 10, 2022 • FASHION, LIFE
    VEJA Vegan Sneakers Made From Corn Leather | Available at Biome

    Sneakers are a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe. They are a practical, comfortable and stylish option for virtually any occasion. We can thank the athletes, hip-hop artists, off-duty models and fashion icons for bringing the sneaker into the mainstream and becoming an acceptable part of an everyday outfit.  We will be eternally grateful to...

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    Celebrating SeaWeek: Meet Harriet & Woody of Grumpy Turtle Creative

    March 7, 2022 • STORIES
    Harriet Spark Photography - Grumpy Turtle Creative

    Meet Harriet and Woody, founders of Grumpy Turtle Creative, based in Townsville, on the Great Barrier Reef. Together, they help individuals, businesses and organisations bring their vision for a better world to life. To celebrate SeaWeek (5-13 March), we had a chat with them about their incredible work. Tell us a little bit about...

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    Clean up Australia Day 2022 is here! 

    March 4, 2022 • CLEAN, LIFE

    Here at Biome, looking after our environment is at the forefront of our priorities, and we have always been huge supporters of the Clean Up Australia Day initiative. Clean Up Australia Day is a day where hundreds of thousands of caring individuals take to the streets, beaches, parks and bushland to help keep our...

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    Share The Dignity at Biome

    March 3, 2022 • LIFE

    Share The Dignity is an Australian charity that makes an on the ground difference in the lives of homeless women, women experiencing domestic violence or those doing it tough without access to period products. The charity collects thousands of reusable pads, menstrual cups, period-proof underwear, tampons and other personal hygiene products and distributes them...

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    It’s B Corp Month: Come Take a Look #BehindTheB

    March 2, 2022 • LIFE

    It’s B Corp month, and we are so excited to celebrate all things B Corp! It’s so powerful to be involved in a movement where businesses worldwide take some time to acknowledge the impacts of their decisions and celebrate their success. When a company is a Certified B Corporation, we can tell from afar...

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    Let’s celebrate these conservation success stories from around Australia

    March 2, 2022 • LIFE
    World Wildlife Day - Photo by Marna Banggara

    March 3rd is World Wildlife Day, an international day to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. The theme for 2022 is Recovering Key Species for Ecosystem Restoration. Restoration of ecosystems, if combined with stopping further conversion of natural ecosystems, may help avoid 60% of expected biodiversity extinctions. There’s much work...

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    Why self-love isn’t selfish

    February 25, 2022 • GUIDES, LIFE
    Why self-love isn't selfish

    Knowing and loving ourselves is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our friends, partners, family members and the wider community. Studies have linked self-care and self-compassion to many positive traits, such as greater psychological wellbeing, emotional intelligence, feelings of social connectedness and life satisfaction – all of which have beneficial flow-on...

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    Five ways to create a self-care sanctuary at home or work

    February 16, 2022 • ECO HOME, LIFE
    Five ways to create a self-care space

    While some people are able to zone out from the world and tune in to themselves with impressive ease (whether they’re on a bus packed with passengers or plonked in a chaotic family living room), the rest of us often need a little more help. This is where a designated tranquillity zone can play...

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    Our Favourite Self-Care Illustrations to Brighten Your Day

    February 14, 2022 • LIFE
    By Rebekah of Journey to Wellness

    To celebrate Biome’s ‘Love You For You’ month, we’re sharing some of our favourite heart-lifting illustrations that fly the self-care flag with a dazzling dose of originality. We hope they inspire you to sprinkle a little more self-compassion into your day. Please show your love for these talented and kind creatives by giving their...

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    You Are Your Valentine

    February 9, 2022 • LIFE, STORIES
    You are your valentine

    While the origins of Valentine’s Day are a little hazy, in modern times the day has come to represent love – particularly showing love to those you care about.  But, as the experts say, it’s important to love yourself first.  So, we’re celebrating SELF-LOVE this Valentine’s Day and we invite you to be part of...

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    Meet the Founder of Dindi Naturals

    February 8, 2022 • STORIES
    Dindi Naturals skin and body care shop now at Biome

    Dindi Naturals luxurious skin care and body products harness the power of rare native botanicals, Australian plant oils and pure essential oils to soothe, nourish and revitalise the skin.  Dindi Naturals products are produced by hand in small batches in Murrindindi Shire, Victoria, Australia and are palm oil free, cruelty free and gentle on both...

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    Dreamy sleep stories from First Nations storytellers to help you drift off to sleep

    January 31, 2022 • LIFE, STORIES
    Dreamy artwork by Carmen Glynn-Braun Courtesy of Common Ground - Small

    “The stars you sleep under tonight are the same stars that First Nations people have told stories beneath for millennia. Close your eyes and journey with us through lands of awe and wonder – lands that, for First Nations storytellers, are never far away.” – Dreamy Image: Dreamy artwork by Carmen Glynn-Braun Courtesy of...

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    Why air drying your clothes will prolong their longevity

    January 27, 2022 • ECO HOME, FASHION, GUIDES, Laundry, LIFE
    Why air drying your clothes will prolong their longevity

    Air drying your clothing is an environmentally friendly approach to drying your clothes that also prolongs the longevity of your garments. It’s essential to our sustainability journey to look after the clothing we own with love and care. Here at Biome, we believe air drying your clothing where possible is a part of this. ...

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