• Meet the Maker: Angela Jones of Uni Organics on her Organic Skincare Range

    September 21, 2016 • BEAUTY, STORIES

    Uni Organics - natural certified organic skincare using bio active native extracts

    We only stock 100% naturally derived and organic skincare here at Biome, and Uni Organics is one such brand we love:

    • Australian made and owned
    • Certified organic by Cosmos Organic
    • Cruelty free (appears on the Choose Cruelty Free list)
    • Uses powerful bio active Australian native extracts
    • Contains no palm oil or synthetic preservatives
    • Local Brisbane business

    Bio active Australian native extracts are hailed as super food for the skin, and are particularly good at fighting the effects of aging. Read more below about what bio active means.

    We asked Director of Uni Organics, Angela Jones five questions about her organic skincare journey.

    What led you to purchase Uni Organics in 2012 and what inspires you to continue evolving this organic skincare range?

    I had just purchased my own beauty salon and was looking for ranges to add to my salon that were certified organic, well priced and suit would a large range of clients, without having to stock too many different lines. I wanted a simple range that was effective and well-priced. I couldn’t find one so I set out to make my own, but then I was introduced to UNI ORGANICS, and it was the perfect match. I was able to evolve the brand to what it is today and am very pleased it has been so well received in the market place. I am constantly inspired by the natural active ingredients that are becoming available for use in organic skincare, which are more sustainable and caring for not only the skin but the environment. I learn about a new ingredient and then come back to my chemist and decide where in the range we could use my latest discovery. I am very fortunate to have one of the best formulating chemists in the business working with me.

    What is a bio active ingredient and why are they hailed as a super food for the skin?

    A bio active ingredient is that which has an effect on living organisms such as skin, cells and tissue. Australian native extracts are very active due to the very high stable amounts of Vitamin C present after the cellular extraction process. Vitamin C promotes collagen and behaves like an AHA clearing away dead skin cells while delivering high amounts of antioxidants. Synthetic Vitamin C found in conventional products doesn’t even come close to feeding the skin this quality of nutrients.

    Your products contain a range of powerful native extracts and nourishing plant seed oils. Do you have a favourite?

    Well they are all amazing, however my favourite would be Snake Vine. UNI ORGANICS is the first to use this potent extract. Snake vine is a core extract in all of our formulas because of its superior healing qualities. The indigenous have used this extract to heal wounds and burns to the skin for centuries.

    Can you share some of your favourite feedback about your products?

    The scent and the textures is always where it starts. When I am working in the stores I watch as the customers smell the product LOVE IT, then they rub it onto their skin and rave about the textures and how easily the product absorbs.

    Where is your favourite local natural spot to relax?

    Along the river in New Farm, Brisbane anywhere. It is such a beautiful space. My weekly highlight is Jan Powers Farmers Market at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

    Uni Organics is Australian owned and all products are made in Australia. They in no way support the testing of ingredients and products on animals, and is Australian certified toxic free. The entire range has also been formulated without the use of essential oils, and is in fact the only certified organic range made in Australia that doesn’t use essential oils, making them safe for ALL skin types, including sensitive and allergy prone skin.

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