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    August 1, 2022 • EAT, GROW, GUIDES, LIFE

    Natural Ways to Improve Your Mood: Over 50 Activities to Get you There

    Here we share eight simple, fulfilling, and natural mood-boosting activities for you to try. You might notice you feel less stressed, calmer, more energetic, and you even sleep better. Over time, a good mood and joy can boost your immune system, keep you healthy and even extend your life!

    We think it’s important to find natural ways to improve your mood, that way; you’re not disrupting the body’s equilibrium. Here are 50 activities and ways you can boost your mood naturally in a short list adapted according to the Advanced Psychiatry Associates. We’ll then get into a few of the activities in further detail a little later on.


    50 Activities to Boost Your Mood

    1. Coffee with a friend
    2. Beach walk
    3. Watch the sunrise or sunset
    4. Cook the family or a loved one dinner
    5. Organise a social game/match of your preferred sport
    6. Get out of normality and go somewhere you’ve never been before
    7. Try a new cafe
    8. Mindful colouring in as a form of peace and distraction
    9. Buy a new album and listen to it through on your own – jot down any thoughts the music brings
    10. Start a collection
    11. Take a workshop
    12. Head to a winery
    13. Learn something new
    14. Volunteer
    15. Take a friend Op-Shopping
    16. Plan a holiday
    17. Go on a holiday
    18. Take up a new hobby
    19. Visit a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while
    20. Get the adrenalin going and do something wild
    21. Plant a veggie garden
    22. Paint a wall your favourite colour
    23. Clean – it can promote focus and a sense of accomplishment
    24. Try float spa meditation
    25. Try the technology detox
    26. Build a plan to optimise finances or get out of debt
    27. Meditate in your favourite location
    28. Go see some live music
    29. Try the breakfast and yoga combo with a friend
    30. Go camping (or glamping)
    31. Lift your mood by visiting a dog shelter and spending time with them – be prepared, you may end up taking one home
    32. Meal prep – set up your week with a bunch of healthy meals, so you don’t have to worry about it later on
    33. Visit some nostalgic places you went to as a kid
    34. Take a dance class
    35. Watch a movie that has always brought you happiness
    36. Visualise your goals and write them down
    37. Go to the theatre
    38. See a comedy show
    39. Get the old bike fixed up and take it for a spin
    40. Do some mindless laps at the swimming pool
    41. Go for a day spa and sauna
    42. Do a learn to surf class
    43. Take a boat tour
    44. Practice gratitude by writing down the beautiful things you have in your life
    45. Make a photo album/scrapbook
    46. Ask a friend to take you fishing
    47. Treat yourself to a fancy meal
    48. Create a bucket list
    49. Start ticking things off your bucket list!
    50. Take an art class (even one that involves friends and wine if you like).

    Products that will help in boosting your mood

    Below is a list of products and ways you can help boost your mood naturally.

    Send some love

    Writing a note to family and friends on a beautiful greeting card is one of the simplest ways to send some love. Not only will it make the recipient feel good, giving them a burst of excitement as they read your caring words, but this kind act will also boost your mood. Everyone loves the feeling of making someone’s day!

    Letter writing promotes mindfulness, self-reflection and creativity – it’s a great activity at any age. If you’re looking for natural mood-boosting activities for the kids, card writing can tick the educational box at the same time!

    We love the new range of greeting cards from The Scenic Route, the creative project of artist and designer Victoria McGrane, who lives and travels around Australia in a converted, self-contained 1990 Toyota Coaster. Choosing the path less travelled, slowing down, enjoying the journey and appreciating the scenery is the basis for the inspiration behind the intricate designs

    Go for a walk

    Whether it’s a stroll around the block, a walk through a park or a hike up a mountain, a walk can do wonders for your mood.

    Besides the physical health benefits, one of the best things about walking is its mental health benefits and the fact it will give you a considerable sense of wellbeing. A moderate 30-minute walk each day will improve energy levels, help you sleep better at night, reduce stress and relieve tension in the body, help you maintain a sharp memory, and, thanks to the endorphin release, will leave you feeling more relaxed and positive.

    Looking for new places to walk? Barry Stone’s Greatest Walks of the World features some of the world’s most famous and also not-so-famous walking trails that will appeal to all, regardless of ability, and is the perfect accompaniment to your practical guidebooks.

    Get crafting

    Natural mood-boosting activity number 3… Crafting, such as embroidery, knitting, quilting and woodworking, has been proven to promote relaxation, provide relief from stress, increase happiness, reduce anxiety, enhance confidence, and improve overall mood.

    Our Brynn & Co embroidery kits come with all of the supplies you’ll need to create your very own embroidery piece, and the cute, contemporary range of designs suits a range of decor and tastes. The kits make a great gift or a mood-boosting craft project for you! They are such a fun and challenging activity to keep your hands and mind busy. Discover the range here.

    Cook a meal

    Cooking is an act of patience and mindfulness and can even be an outlet for creative expression, and the act of cooking for others can make you feel good. Plus, meals that have been prepared at home using fresh ingredients are often more nutritious, which is incredibly beneficial to mood.

    Combining the mood-boosting benefits of cooking and the earth-loving benefits of decreased energy demand is the EasyOven, a practical and clever heat retention bag allowing you to slow-cook food with less energy. Featuring a specially developed inner padding that retains heat; start on the stove, gas burner or open fire and set to rest to complete the cooking process without the use of additional energy, sealing in flavour and nutrition.

    See this post for more details about the EasyOven and a delicious, wholesome recipe.


    Grow something

    Gardening reminds us of our connection to nature and helps us to set goals and focus on the bigger picture, which does wonders for a positive mood boost. Plus, the physical aspect of the activity releases chemicals in our brain that make us feel good, such as serotonin and dopamine.

    You’ll be growing food and flowers all over the place in no time with our range of seeds. No matter what size space you have, there is an UrbanGreens grow kit, windowsill kit or seed pack for you.

    Not sure where to start? The latest book from Little Veggie Patch offers inspiration and instruction to help you Grow food anywhere. Buy it here.

    Go for a body surf

    Surfing and spending time in the ocean has been known to promote calmness, reduce stress and boost the mood, and its zen effect helps to clear the mind and balance emotions.

    Whether you’re a keen surfer, body surfer, or completely new to the idea, our WAW handplanes are a fun way to spend time in the ocean and reap the mood-boosting benefits it brings.

    Made using sustainable, recycled and reclaimed materials, including FSC sourced white cedar and no virgin plastic at all, WAW handplanes feature a large surface area for speed and lift.

    WAW pride themselves on making products that have a positive impact on our planet. The entire product range is created with both performance and sustainability in mind, allowing customers to catch more waves whilst leaving nothing but cleaner oceans and healthier forests in their path.

    Don’t forget the sunscreen. Surfpaste is a great option that is palm oil free and comes packaged plastic free too.

    Practice yoga

    When practised properly, yoga can improve your mood, raising serotonin, oxytocin and GABA levels in your body. The postures combined with deep, focused breathing facilitate relaxation, combat stress, reduce blood pressure and, ultimately, makes you feel… happier.

    Perfect for yoga, the gym, and other active adventures, Indigo Luna‘s range of activewear. Featuring high quality, hand-dyed fabrics that are squat-proof and strong as well as soft and comfortable. The range is made from GOTS Certified organic cotton, that has been grown without GMOs and pesticides, and there is 100% traceability from cotton fields to garment.

    Plan a picnic

    Spending time in nature, in the fresh air, and enjoying home-prepped food with friends or family is a simple, affordable way to relieve stress and improve the mood. The activity helps improve communication and relationships too, plus it grants time for self-reflection.

    Perfect for your next picnic is U-Konserve’s big divided bowl, an extra large stainless steel container that allows you to carry and serve multiple meals and side dishes. The dividers are removable and can be fitted in various configurations. Instead of food, you could also use it to transport plates, cutlery and other bits and pieces.


    It’s important to remember that it’s not always your environment or what you’re ‘not’ doing, and sometimes all it takes is to speak to a professional!

    We hope this list of activities and natural ways to improve your mood has resonated with you, and you’re now on your way to creating a strategy to get out of the trough you may be in!