• 5 Ways to Achieve a Plastic Free Laundry

    February 21, 2018 • CLEAN, ECO HOME, GUIDES, LIFE

    Modern technological change has enabled time and labour-saving hacks for living. But, we are now collectively finding that the old-fashioned way is sometimes best. Especially when it comes to health and the environment.

    The everyday task of doing the laundry is thankfully easier due to modern washing machines. Let’s face it, we don’t want the heavy labour of using a Copper. But, the old-fashioned washing and hanging methods meant a healthy, plastic free laundry. And this was better for everyone.

    Here are five ways you can achieve a plastic free laundry today.

    1. Wash & Clean with Organic Soapberries

    Organic soapberries - plastic free home - plastic free laundry

    How cool are these soapy goodies from nature? Also called soap nuts (although not actually a nut), they are the dried shell of the Sapindus Mukorossi fruit which is very high in saponin. This laundry detergent provided by Mother Nature can also be used as a fabric softener or all-purpose liquid soap.

    Soapberries come in 250g, 500g and 1kg bags which gives more than 90, 180 and 365 wash loads respectively. Plus, the berries can be reused for each load. These plastic free gems are grown in Nepal which creates a future for Nepalese people.

    Soapberries provide a completely plastic free laundry as the container is a calico bag that can be reused. There is almost zero processing and packaging and they are fully compostable. They are also chemical free, grey water safe and septic safe.

    What a natural, healthy way to launder your clothes!

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    2. Use Plastic Free Coconut Soap Laundry Powder

    Coconut soap - non-toxic laundry powder - plastic free home - plastic free laundry

    Ah, good ole coconut rears it’s helpful head again. Lil’ Bit’s unscented coconut soap laundry powder is a completely non-toxic laundry powder that comes in plastic free packaging. It is perfect for sensitive skins being unscented and coconut oil is very soothing to the skin. It also has no harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Added bonuses include:

    • Vegan friendly;
    • Septic safe;
    • No animal fats;
    • No phosphates;
    • 100% biodegradable;
    • No fillers, acids or SLS;
    • No added enzymes

    This laundry powder will undoubtedly safeguard your health more than a “lil’ bit”.

    Shop Lil’ Bit unscented coconut soap laundry powder >

    3. Whiten & Brighten with Biome’s Oxygen Bleach

    Oxygen bleach - plastic free home - plastic free laundry

    Biome now has our own oxygen bleach in a reusable glass jar. Oxygen bleach is made from 100% natural sodium percarbonate and is ideal for soaking clothes for stain removal or brightening whites.

    Unlike chlorine bleach, our oxygen bleach is non-toxic, biodegradable, septic and grey water safe. It is also vegan and palm oil free.

    To use as a laundry soaker, dissolve 1/4 cup in warm water and soak for a few hours or over night before washing as normal.

    To use as an in-wash booster, add 1/4 cup to the washing machine drawer (not directly on clothes).

    Shop Biome’s oxygen bleach in a reusable glass jar here >

    4. Use a Natural Stain Remover in a Glass Bottle

    Natural stain remover - plastic free home - plastic free laundry

    Do you ever get the sneaking suspicion that spraying normal stain remover is just applying toxins to your garments? You would be correct. Anything that has “Danger” or “Poison” on the label means exactly that – it is a dangerous poison not only for humans but for the whole ecosystem once it’s washed down the drain.

    However, there is actually an alternative that ticks all the planet and health saving boxes. Made by a small Queensland company called Green Potions, this strong, natural stain remover is in a lovely reusable glass bottle and has eco and human friendly ingredients. No more plastic laundry here.

    Green Potions has an interesting back-story. Having run their own eco-friendly cleaning business for a number of years, they decided to develop their own range of completely natural cleaning supplies that really work. A café at NASA even requested a sample of their product.

    Shop Green Potions no. 5 stain remover here >

    5. Dry Washing with Stainless Steel Pegs

    Stainless steel pegs - plastic free pegs - plastic free home - plastic free laundry

    Plastic pegs are really no good for the environment. Not only do they not biodegrade, they can get lost in the grass and leave plastic fragments everywhere. Wildlife, especially birds are attracted to the bright colours and this can be disastrous for their health.

    Such a simple old-fashioned life hack is to convert to using stainless steel clothes pegs. Stainless steel pegs last a lifetime with good care. You will never have to buy pegs again.

    Biome sells durable stainless-steel pegs with different grades depending on where you reside and the conditions they will be exposed to.

    Standard 201 grade are fine if you tend to bring your pegs inside or live nowhere near salt, i.e. the beach.

    Medium 304 grade slightly more durable and ok to leave on the line in a salt-free area.

    Marine 316 grade best choice for locations near the ocean and if you want to leave your pegs outside.

    These pegs are completely zero waste and some sets come in a handy hemp bag, also perfect for the environment. They are designed and made by a small Australian business.

    Biome has a large range of stainless steel laundry pegs, which you can see here > 

    Try these plastic free laundry alternatives to see the difference it can make to your family. You will be pleasantly surprised at how well they clean and freshen your laundry.