• 8 Ways to Help Your Community Through Coronavirus

    March 17, 2020 • EAT, GUIDES, LIFE

    Now more than ever we need to act with kindness, be considerate of others, and support our local community and businesses.

    Worried about the supermarket shelves being empty, or getting to the shops when you must self isolate?  There are many delivery options that cut out the middle person and deliver straight from the farmer or maker to your doorstep!

    Here we give those and more ways you can invest in your local community to keep it strong at this time.  It’s actually more than 8 as we are adding ideas that we learn about!

    Use local produce delivery services

    Many cities and towns have food coops, food box systems, and deliveries that connect you more directly to the farmer.  Here’s the start of a list we can build on – please let us know your favourite local service in the comments.

    Food Connect

    Food Connect sources all of its fresh produce from within a 400km radius around Brisbane, and pays their farmers about four times the amount they would get from big chains.  They work with around 80 small to mid-size local farmers and makers who care about quality, sustainability and look after our environment.

    Ceres Fair Food

    Community Organics

    Buy direct from the grower or maker

    Photo: Nariel Valley Garlic

    Did you know that you can buy garlic direct from small growers around Australia?  Garlic is a great product to buy in bulk as it lasts so long in your pantry.

    Our favourite website for this is Farmhouse Direct

    Buy olives, olive oil, preserves, herbs, bush foods, lentils, and much more.  Everything is grown or made, packed and shipped by the producer, helping to build a viable future for Australia’s smaller, independent producers.

    Donate blood

    The Australian Red Cross says it needs 14,000 donors before Easter to avoid a blood shortage, as they are receiving more than 800 cancellations per day due to people staying home. Blood is needed for people with such issues as cancer and car accidents, and blood only has a shelf life of 42 days.  Source: The Sydney Morning Herald.  Learn more at Red Cross here

    Reach out to an elderly neighbour – while keeping your distance!

    Leave some flowers and a note on their doorstep.  Make sure they have your phone number.  Call out over the fence.  Offer to pick up some groceries.  Just let them know they are remembered and we’ll get through this.

    Jump off email and onto Zoom or Facetime

    With many people working from home or having to stay at home, we will miss the nuances of face to face contact.  Instead of emailing or texting, choose instead to video call with someone.  It’s a much more rich interpersonal experience.

    Foster an animal

    Since you may be spending more time at home, can you provide a temporary home to an animal?   Find out more here Pet Rescue Foster Care

    Shop online locally

    Look up your favourite local physical stores to see if they have an online option – many will have.  Biome of course is one!  We offer fast delivery to your home or workplace from our warehouse in Milton, Brisbane.

    You can also Click and Collect to limit your time in the store.  Do all your browsing in comfort at home and then have someone or yourself pick up for you.

    Shops like Biome can also do your gift shopping buy shipping your gift direct the the recipient.

    Keep local restaurants and cafes in business

    Do check out if your local has their own delivery service so you can order direct with them, or support them through third party delivery services.  Practice exceptional hygiene by washing hands as soon as you receive and unpack the bag.

    Some coffee shops are doing drive by service where you phone ahead and they bring it to your car.

    Donate to a local food bank

    Stockpiling by some has stripped the shelves of essentials needed by many with less resources.  Consider making a cash donation to OzHarvest or other Food Banks to help them get food to those in need.

    Share a laugh 🙂

    Don’t forget that humour can be a great mechanism for coping with stress.  Positive jokes and witty conversation can make you feel closer to the people around you and socially supported.  Another important aspect of humour is that it helps us to look at the same situation in different ways.

    Take care of each other everyone!

    4 Responses to 8 Ways to Help Your Community Through Coronavirus
    1. Kerry Clarke
      March 18, 2020 at 2:03 pm

      Thank folks. You are doing good things. All the best to you all and keep on with the kindness.

    2. Deborah Taggart
      March 19, 2020 at 8:24 am

      Some lovely ideas here.
      Plus – I didn’t know about the on-line shops – so thank you. I will certainly investigate them.

    3. Anna
      March 20, 2020 at 10:16 am

      The “Community Grocer” is doing a great job getting fresh food to particularly food insecure communities around Melbourne – converting this week from a market setup to just delivery boxes to ensure those with disability or isolation can get the staples they need.

    4. Susie Kilby
      March 21, 2020 at 8:18 am

      What the world needs now is……..Kindness!
      Thanks for spreading the word!
      Susie K

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