• 3 Ways You Can Use The BBBYO Glass Tea Flask

    June 13, 2017 • EAT, LIFE

    Nothing tastes as good as it does out of glass, don’t you agree? Glass doesn’t impart flavours, and promotes the clean, pure taste of whatever beverage you are drinking. And of course it is completely BPA free and infinitely recyclable, so great for you and the planet.

    The BBBYO Glass Tea Flask is made from double-walled, heat resistant borosilicate glass, plus comes with a neoprene cooler cover. It is stylish and practical, and will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for hours, no matter what you are doing.

    Despite the name, we like to fill the insulated BBBYO Glass Tea Flask with all kinds of hot and cold drinks. So below, we have listed our three top ideas for how you can use the BBBYO Glass Tea Flask, that don’t include just plain old water!

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    BBBYO Glass Tea Flask with Cover

    For Hot Tea

    Add either fresh tea leaves or a tea bag to the tea infuser filter section, then add boiling water. The double wall vacuum will keep your drink piping hot for hours.

    These are some of our favourite organic, local and fair trade teas:

    For Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Other Hot Drinks

    Remove the infuser filter and add your coffee, hot chocolate or other hot beverage to the bottle. Enjoy your hot beverage as it keeps you warm throughout the day or night.

    Why not make yourself a warming hot chocolate using Loving Earth Organic Raw Cacao Powder. This versatile super food is packed with healthy antioxidants, nutrients and magnesium, and is made from an heirloom variety of Peruvian cacao by cold pressing raw nibs to preserve the vitality.

    For Fruit Infused Water

    Add fresh fruit and herbs to the infuser filter section, then add cold water. Your infused water will stay chilled for hours.

    We show you some possible flavour combinations in our video below!

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