• 10 Ways to Get Kids Off Screens & Outdoors!

    September 7, 2020 • ECO HOME, GUIDES, LIFE

    Getting kids off screens, away from the pixels and spending more time outdoors is easy with these 10 screen free entertainment swaps! In fact we think these ideas will be fun for the whole family.

    Swap TV for books

    Reading has such a positive impact on our brains. It promotes mental stimulation, imagination, improves memory, thinking skills, and even improves verbal skills.

    We love books that inspire curiosity and a love of nature at Biome, like this one, Weather In 30 Seconds which takes readers on a whirlwind tour of our planets weather and climate. 30 key topics explore and explain the how and why of our global weather and its effects, from atmospheric influences, the seasons, and climate zones to extreme events, forecasting, and global warming.

    Swap the Playstation for quoits

    Nothing beats a fun game of skill with friends or family. The fresh air, friendly competition and physical exercise are a sure fire mood booster, and a much nicer endorphin release compared to video games.

    We love this Planet Finska range of wooden toys, including this quoits set made from sustainable materials and that is built to last.

    Swap FarmVille for gardening

    Remember FarmVille? Well you can live the real thing with this UrbanGreens range of grow kits.

    Greens for any urban landscape, the UrbanGreens windowsill planter and grow kits are designed to grow delicious veggies, herbs and flowers right at home! These greens are full of nutrition and flavour, and make a delicious and beautiful accompaniment to many meals.

    Swap kid apps for outdoor adventures


    This outdoor adventure tool is great for sports, camping, and outdoor exploration. Featuring a torch, whistle, compass, thermometer and magnifying glass, plus a small dry storage compartment, this handy tool will aid kids discovering the natural world, science fans and adults alike.

    Swap WiFi for fresh air

    Disconnect and recharge – swap the WiFi for fresh air. What’s there to do outside, the kids ask? Your Wild Imagination has it covered.

    Beautiful, practical and easy to use, this book is full of engaging activities for kids aged 2-10 years, with more than 20 nature play activities, including fabric printing, wood whittling, make your own pocket press and more. You will discover new ideas for outdoor play, and also find ways to bring nature indoors – perfect for those times when you’re stuck inside.

    Swap messaging for a picnic

    Enjoy face to face conversations, while catching up with family and friends. Let the kids run around, play a game of Finska and enjoy the fresh air.

    Keep it eco friendly by avoiding disposable plastic plates and cutlery. Take your plates home and wash them, or use palm leaf plates (pictured) which can be composted.

    Swap food shows for cooking

    While the whole family can get behind the likes of MasterChef and Cake Wars, getting into the kitchen yourself with the kids can be great for mental health.

    Research suggests that becoming engrossed in a recipe, and following it through to completion can help boost concentration, confidence, self-esteem and curb negative thinking.

    Why not get the kids to help make their own school lunches. Soulfull Tribe‘s range of bake kits are easy to use and produce delicious results. They are also free from gluten, dairy, and refined sugar, and vegan.

    Swap blogging for journaling

    10 Ways to Get Kids Off Screens & Outdoors! | Biome Eco Store

    Blogs are a popular way to read other’s thoughts and ideas and even record your own.

    However did you know writing, taking notes and recording information longhand can help you process and comprehend information more effectively than typing? Journaling is also a great process for reflection, mindfulness, gratitude and relaxation. What a great activity for kids to explore!

    Find journals and books to help get kids started with journalling here >

    Swap cinemas for the beach, the bush or a wildlife conservation reserve

    Exploring the beach, bush walking and or visiting a wildlife conservation park provides fun for the whole family.  Visit your local council website, refer to upcoming Facebook events, or take a look at your local community noticeboard.

    Make it a zero waste excursion, and take your own lunch, water bottle and reusable cutlery.

    Find insulated water bottles and many more options here >

    Swap YouTube for a workshop

    10 Ways to Get Kids Off Screens & Outdoors! | Biome Eco Store

    YouTube tutorials are great, but nothing beats the real thing.

    When it is safe to do so, book a ticket to a local DIY workshop and learn how to make your own skin care, hair care and cleaning products; rediscover traditional crafts like macrame and basket weaving; explore the world of slow fashion at a clothing swap; and learn how to live more simply, with less stress and less waste.

    You can attend a virtual Biome workshop here, and we hope to hold more in-person workshops in the near future too.

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