• 10 Plastic Free Christmas Celebration Ideas

    November 28, 2017 • ECO HOME, GUIDES, LIFE

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    Aiming for a plastic free Christmas is a great way to respect the planet’s precious resources at this special time of year. There are many options for avoiding plastic in your gift giving, and for wrapping presents with newspaper and twine.  But here are 10 ideas for helping your Christmas table, parties and decorations to be plastic free also.

    Natural Fibre & Paper Decorations

    plastic free christmas paper decoration

    Lovely decorations that will give your tree a handmade feel and eco-friendly charm.

    Opting for natural fibre and paper decorations will mean less resources go into making plastic ones. They can also be composted or recycled when they become damaged, so they’re a great way to achieve a plastic free Christmas.  All of Biome’s decorations are also Fair Trade.

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    Plastic Free Catering & Picnic Ware

    Plastic free catering and picnic ware

    For all the outdoor parties, picnics, lunches and dinners around Christmas, it can be hard to avoid the convenience of dreaded plastic plates and cutlery.
    But with plant-based wares and bowls, you can use a product that isn’t resource intensive and can be composted at home.

    Get ready for guilt-free outdoor Christmas feasts.

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    Reusable Beeswax Wraps

    plastic free christmas wraps

    As much as we try to minimise, there are inevitably leftovers from festive celebrations.

    With all the bowls and platters of deliciousness to store in the fridge, it’s easy to just cover them all with plastic wrap. But that would mean creating single-use rubbish, and wasting resources.

    Opting for a reusable beeswax wrap means you can safely store your food for late-night cravings or unexpected guests, while saving money on a reusable product.

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    Stainless Steel Ice Block Moulds

    stainless steel ice block moulds

    Christmas is in summer Down Under, and that means sun, surf, pools and ice cream.

    Except with the plastic wrapping and additives in conventional icy treats, it’s not a plastic free Christmas.

    So why not make your own! Our stainless steel ice block moulds are reusable, recyclable, and have reusable bamboo sticks.

    Get crafty in the kitchen with the little ones, or make delicious natural treats for visiting family and guests.

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    Finska Wooden Game

    plastic free christmas finska

    After Christmas lunch, the kids (and adults too!) will be eager for entertainment and outdoor sun.

    Outdoor wooden games, like Finska, are a perfect way to have fun, ditch the screen, and spend time with the family.

    And their high quality means they will last to become a plastic free Christmas tradition.

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    Bee Seed Bombs

    Lil Bit Seed Bombs

    Little balls of clay, soil and fertilizer impregnated with flower seeds, that you simply toss anywhere in your garden, a kerbside strip or vacant block that needs some vibrant colour.

    A lovely way to spread some nature at Christmas that will bloom in months to come and provide for the important bee pollinators.

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    Plastic Free Sunscreen

    plastic free christmas sunscreen

    The Aussie Christmas is all about getting out into the sun with friends and family – hitting the beach, having an picnic. But celebrating an Aussie Christmas means braving the Aussie sun, and this means a strong sunscreen is needed.

    Sun & Earth’s tinted sunscreen comes in a reusable and recyclable tin, is completely natural and biodegradable, and is now SPF 30+ approved by the TGA.

    Formulated for all-day wear, it’s perfect for long, sunny days celebrating with family.

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    Mosquito Repellent

    plastic free christmas balm

    The downside of a lovely outdoor Christmas is all the biting things that ruin the fun.

    But an effective, plastic free alternative is a repellent balm in a reusable tin.

    The rich lemon scent discourages pests from coming near, without harsh citronella, leaving a lovely citrus smell in the air.

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    Toilet Bombs

    plastic free christmas bombs

    For all the guests coming to your house over Christmas, your loo will need some love.

    These toilet bombs freshen and clean – just pop one in, let it fizz, and scrub with a toilet brush if needed.

    You’ll have one less thing to clean after the hectic Christmas season has finished.

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    A Real Christmas Tree

    While this isn’t something we stock at Biome, we love the idea of getting a real Christmas tree into the home, or using a potted plant as your Christmas tree.

    It not only ditches the need for a fake, plastic tree every year, but looks lovely and gives the whole home a woody, earthy smell.

    It can even be composted after every Christmas, so no need to pack up anything!


    No matter how you celebrate Christmas, opting for products that help the environment will mean a happier, guilt-free Christmas every year.

    Ice Block Images –  Thanks to Jordan Pie from www.reallifeofpie.com.