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    May 19, 2022 • GUIDES, LIFE

    The end of the year is fast approaching and everyone’s to-do list is growing. One group that will undoubtedly be counting down the days – no matter how much they love their job – are teachers. And who is more deserving of a great gift? Whether you are looking for a gift for your kid’s teacher for Teachers Day, Christmas, Easter or just to say thanks, we’ve created a collection of gift ideas that are both sustainable and practical.

    Pressure seems to be mounting for teachers these days. Whether it’s ‘teaching to the Naplan’, ensuring all their charges are safe and happy or making sure no one gets ‘left behind’ academically, it’s safe to say that teachers have a lot on their plates.

    Teaching is such an important but often thankless job. Ensure your child’s teacher feels appreciated with these comforting and thoughtful gifts that aren’t throw-away trinkets that will clog landfill.

    Read on as we share our top 15 gift ideas for teachers we know they will love.

    Gift Ideas for Your Teacher

    Typically, teachers are quite environmentally conscious. It comes with education as sustainability in recent years has become a mandatory element of school stimulus. Not only that, but sustainability, in general, is a growing concept due to the widespread effects of climate change and the ongoing coverage and publicity from COP 26. So we have decided that a great gift is a sustainable one and one we think your teacher will admire!

    An Earth Friendly Thank You Card

    Earth Greetings Thank You Card


    How do you thank a teacher after a busy year? By writing heartfelt words of thanks of course and what better way than on one of these recycled thank you cards. These vibrant and sweet cards are just the ticket for brightening a harried teacher’s day. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled card using vegetable inks, the native flowers will remind your teacher of Australian summer and relaxing Christmas holidays. Bring it on! Also available are these beautiful wildlife thank you cards by Brisbane artist Paula Peeters.

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    A Reusable KeepCup

    Reusable KeepCup

    The perfect gift for your teacher’s Christmas and into the New Year is a Keep Cup. With early mornings and long days ahead, no one needs coffee or a nice sustaining herbal tea more than teachers. These bright, cheerful reusable coffee cups are a favourite with baristas due to their correct sizing. Made from BPA and Phthalate free plastic and also glass, they are good for the planet as they save trees and don’t clog landfill.

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    Palm Oil Free Soap



    The Replenish Avocado and Macadamia Body Soap is a delightful palm oil free handmade soap. Using soothing essential oils of avocado, macadamia and ylang-ylang, this soap will help nourish and revive tired, dry skin. Avocado oil is particularly moisturising, and ylang-ylang is useful for boosting energy and improving skin and hair. This amazing gift idea for your teacher will help put a spring in their step and help rejuvenate their mood and energy levels after a long day at school.

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    Organic, Handmade Chocolate

    Pana Chocolate - Raw Organic Chocolate


    Finding presents for teachers is no easy task, and sometime the solution may be a whole range of little gifts in a care pack. A little Pana Chocolate in the staff room with their second coffee? That sounds pretty good to us. Biome stock a delicious range, and this Fig & Wild Orange is a standout among our staff! Pana chocolate is vegan, organic and flavoured with 100% pure essential oils.

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    Natural Body Moisturisers


    Teachers need a little R&R. The Ohana Organics Whipped Shea Butter – Leilani is a best seller when it comes to gifts for teachers. This light but nourishing mousse is scented with exotic tuberose as well as lavender and rose. It’s versatile enough to be used all over the body, including the face and hair.

    This product is made with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients and Ohana Organics has a stringent recycling and upcycling program at its facility. You can be sure this is good stuff in every sense of the word. The gorgeous scent and calming properties of lavender will almost certainly help your teacher slough off the cares of the past year.

    UrbanGreens Microgreens Windowsill Grow Kit

    UrbanGreens Microgreens Windowsill Grow Kit

    The UrbanGreens Microgreens Windowsill Grow Kit includes everything you’ll need to start sprouting your own delicious, nutritious microgreens. You may produce Broccoli, Radish and Rocket Sprouting Seeds from only high-quality Australian seeds. Made in Australia

    An innovative Teacher’s Day gift idea! They may even keep it in the classroom window and incorporate it into some of their lessons on sustainability and agriculture.

    Notely Lined Spiral Notebook A5 –

    A blank canvas to doodle, organise, remind and reflect. We all know teachers sometimes need to vent, and if it doesn’t happen in the staff room, they certainly have a few full diaries laying around full meditative reminders and memos. Whether it’s the start or the end of the year, a fresh start with this gorgeous notebook made from 100% post-consumer waste paper is the perfect medium.

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    Reusable Water Bottle


    Camelbak Reusable Water Bottle

    A great addition to any teacher’s kit bag is this BBBYO 570ml glass bottle and cover. Made from pure glass, it won’t leave anything but water in your system. No leaching of nasty chemicals here! With its pretty blue blooms neoprene cover, it’s protected from breakage and heat. Perfect for hydrating exhausted teachers over the hot summer break. It’s also handy for them to tote to school in the New Year.

    Another popular choice is the Camelbak eddy (pictured). This BPA free plastic water bottle is highly functional, lightweight and delivers fast and healthy hydration. The bottle features an easy-drink straw function with a spill-proof bite valve. There is no need to tilt the bottle upright, just bite down and draw up through the straw.

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    Sprout Pencils & Grow Kits

    Urban Greens Grow Kits - Eco Friendly Gifts for Teachers


    Maybe you’re looking for a gift for your earth science teacher? These super cute Sprout Coloured Pencils will provide a handy gift that is also a talking point in the classroom. This world-first plantable pencil contains plant seeds. When the pencil is too short to write with, you simply plant the pencil and watch the plant grow! Perfect for the school kitchen garden or a teacher’s own herb garden. The range includes lemon balm; oregano; mint and lavender among others.

    UrbanGreens Grow Kits (pictured) are packed with everything you need to grow your own nutrient-dense greens at home! Each kit includes quality Australian seeds, peat pots, growing substrate discs, plant labels and a booklet with recipes and instructions. Available varieties include Groovy Greens, Summer Salad, Kitchen Herbs, Some Like It Hot, and Spicy Salsa.

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    An Organic Cotton Pouch

    One Thousand Lines - Eco Friendly Gifts for Teachers


    Next on the list of Gifts for teachers the Organic Cotton Pouch. Teachers often need little bags and purses for keeping stationery, dockets, and tokens. These pretty organic cotton purses by The Linen Press are the perfect size for little trinkets that need storage in class. Or just simply as a coin purse, for tuckshop treats.

    One Thousand Lines (pictured) have a beautiful range of pouches that are designed and handmade in Australia. They make a beautiful gift with a touch of Australiana. The print is hand-drawn and then screen printed with water based inks on heavy weight hemp and organic cotton.

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    Bamboo Refillable Pen

    Something teachers can’t get enough of – but maybe they are still utilising the school stationery supplies that usually involve cheap plastics.  A refillable bamboo ballpoint pen is a sustainable alternative. This black ballpoint pen is constructed of eco-friendly sustainable bamboo wood and has a stylish and comfortable form. A ‘cross’ or comparable Medium size ballpoint pen cartridge can be used to refill this pen. It might be worth advising them to take the pen with them when purchasing a refill to ensure correct sizing.

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    An Eye Pillow Or Heat Pack

    Heat Packs and Eye Pillows - - Eco Friendly Gifts for Teachers

    A sight for sore teachers’ eyes is this stylish Wheatbags Love Lavender Eye Pillow in a gorgeous gum design. This pretty eye pillow is made from organic materials, and again, the lavender is soothing for sore, tired or irritated eyes. When you buy this product, you’re not only buying locally but helping refugees. The offcuts from the fabric are given to migrants that use them for quilt making. Another ‘good’ gift idea for teachers.

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    Organic Tea

    Pukka Organic Tea - Eco Friendly Gifts for Teachers


    World Teacher’s Day happens around October every year, and just to let them know how appreciative you are, why not get them a Teacher’s Day Gift? Pukka organic tea – relax is a thoughtful inclusion to any teacher’s day gift. This delicious tea contains chamomile and oat hops which aid relaxation and marshmallow root and liquorice help to calm and soothe. What a fab way for a teacher to unwind after a demanding year.

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    Biomes Collection of Gifts for Teachers

    So there you have it. A comprehensive list that will help say ‘thank-you’ to a precious resource in your life – your child’s teacher.

    For teacher gift ideas, head to Biome and check out our extensive collections of sustainable gifts for teachers!