Full Circle Compostable Waste Bags (9.5L x 25)

Certified compostable 9.5L biodegradable food waste bags that are breathable, strong and will break down in a natural compost environment.  Compatible with the Fresh Air compost collector.  25 x 9.5L bags per box.

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Certified compostable 9.5L biodegradable food waste bags that are breathable, strong and will break down in a natural compost environment.

you are making a difference:

  • Certified to meet ASTM D6400 standards for breaking down in an industrial compost facility.
  • Return food waste to the earth and enrich the soil whilst also saving landfill.
  • Recycled and FSC certified paper used for marketing materials and packaging.


  • 25 bags per box.
  • 9.5L or 2.5 Gallon capacity, each bag measures 8" x 13".
  • Packaging box converts to a dispenser for easy access and storage.
  • Compatible with the Fresh Air compost collector, or any same-sized compost pail.
  • When used with the Fresh Air kitchen compost collector, can reduce bacteria and odor normally associated with compost bins.
  • Compost your food scraps through your own backyard compost or local industrial compost facility.

Note - There is a "not suitable for home composting" disclaimer on the packaging. This is because the Biodegradable Products Institute has a standard that any bioplastic should break down in an industrial facility within one year. These bags meet that standard and are therefore certified compostable bags. However, a home compost won't reach the temperature required for the plastic to break down within a year, and this is what that disclaimer means. These bags do eventually break down, but take much longer to decompose than food. These bags also aren't suitable to be composted for an organic garden, or to be introduced into a worm farm. 

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By on 08 May 2018 :
Title : Didn't work great for me - think I need to try again
Comment : Found these too fragile. May have been because they were sitting in the cupboard for awhile before using. Might try them again with a new box.
(Full Circle Compostable Waste Bags (9.5L x 25))
By on 01 March 2017 :
Title : Great bags
Comment : I bought the wrong size by accident but found a use for them and love them! Knowing I'm not putting plastic in landfill makes me feel better about throwing away my trash in this bag, and straight into the bin. I wish they came in a much bigger size!
(Full Circle Compostable Waste Bags (9.5L x 25))
By on 26 Nov. 2014 :
Title : Work well, good bags
Comment : Used these with your great compost bin & we've been putting the bag/s when full up into a hole dug in the soil in veggie beds which were empty during winter. They bags rot down to nothing & when Spring came we just added some other composted soil on the top & planted our veggie seeds. The only "problem" is that sometimes the potato peelings grow up & out, but we don't mind a free extra free potatoes. The worms are very happy now growing fatter, & now we have plantings in we are putting our bags into a big garden compost bin instead so will use & recycle later.
(Full Circle Compostable Waste Bags (9.5L x 25))

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