Queen B beeswax candle - 4 hour tealight (single)

Pure Australian beeswax is the eco-choice for candles. Queen B have a natural honey aroma and do not drip or smoke. Single 4 hour tealight in metal cup.

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A clean burning tealight candle that is good enough to eat with pure cotton wick!

you are making a difference:

  • Most candles these days are made from paraffin (a petrochemical and a non-renewable and polluting resource). Queen B are free from petroleum products and chemicals, so all you breathe in is pure, natural vapour.
  • High-quality beeswax candles are:
    - Slow burning : burns longer than same size paraffin, soy or palm wax candle.
    - Drip free and smokeless : in a draft free environment
    - Purifying : natural ioniser eliminating pollutants, germs, aromas
    - Gently aromatic : with a natural light honey aroma.


  • Single 4 hour tealight with aluminium cup
  • Cotton wicks

Pure Australian beeswax.  Hand made in Sydney.

By on 03 June 2018 :
Title : Beautiful
Comment : A lovely candle, and a well-received gift too. Looks gorgeous in the banksia tealight votive.
(Queen B beeswax candle - 4 hour tealight (single))
By on 08 May 2018 :
Title : Quality candle
Comment : Fantastic tealight - will never buy cheap nasty candles again!
(Queen B beeswax candle - 4 hour tealight (single))
By on 02 Jan. 2018 :
Title : Love, love, love Queen B candles
Comment : The best around.
(Queen B beeswax candle - 4 hour tealight (single))
By on 17 Apr. 2017 :
Title : Good tealights
Comment : I use them in my tea warmer, which only requires short burning times so I don't think I'll go through them very quickly. However, they are on the expensive side compared to other tealights on the market. I wish you could buy single refills rather than a whole pack for $40.
(Queen B beeswax candle - 4 hour tealight (single))
By on 01 March 2017 :
Title : Short and sweet
Comment : Shorter burn time than expected but beeswax candles are always wonderful. Pillar candles are better value for money in my opinion.
(Queen B beeswax candle - 4 hour tealight (single))
By on 17 Nov. 2016 :
Title : Smells lovely!
Comment : I don't use these very often, but these little tea lights are great in power cuts and for using in my ceramic oil diffuser. They have a lovely honey-like smell which is really pleasant.
(Queen B beeswax candle - 4 hour tealight (single))
By on 19 July 2016 :
Title : Smells divine
Comment : Quite pricey for a tealight but then again, beeswax is expensive. Smells beautiful. A nice little treat.
(Queen B beeswax candle - 4 hour tealight (single))
By on 22 Oct. 2014 :
Title : Lovely product but not enough of it
Comment : Candle had a subtle, lovely smell and burnt cleanly and steadily. However was a lot smaller than any other tealights I have had and didn't last for 4 hours.
(Queen B beeswax candle - 4 hour tealight (single))

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