Mould aroma gel - mould remover

Finally there is a natural mould remover to remove mould from around the house and office. The mould aroma-gel room sanitiser clears musty smells (which is a sure indicator of mould) mildew, foul odours, bacteria and fungal-spores from rooms, cupboards, under the sink or around your office working area.

This product may contain ingredients derived from palm oil, so it is off sale until we verify.

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The Mould Aroma-gel room sanitiser kills over 98% of mould and fungal spores around the home in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and the work place.

Wet areas that do not get to dry properly are havens for mildew and mould. Anywhere you are exposed to mildew, mould, musty smells, dirt, pets, food or air conditioning, you are potentially inhaling an assorted cocktail of microbes, including bacteria, mould and fungi.


  • Kills over 98% of mould and fungal spores.
  • 55% of air borne contamination is killed every half hour of exposure.
  • Breath easy and stop mould effecting your health.
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils.

How to use:

The Mould AromaGel room sanitiser is easy to use. Ensure a good air flow around the container. Expose all 5 slits on container for initial few hours. For lightly mouldy areas close of some of the ventilation slits or adjust depending on your local environment. For smaller spaces, bathrooms or cupboards 1 or 2 slots should suffice. Please note: you will need to remove existing mould from surfaces using clove oil first, the Mould AromaGel kills mould spores present in the room, it doesn't eliminate mould that is already growing on surfaces. 

The aromagel will generally last up 6 weeks (humidity dependant), it can last longer.  The product will harden when it has run its course, this can usually be done by checking to see how much is left in the pot. It will look like a small disc at the bottom. We do not recommend microwaving the product as this has never been tested for safety or how it will affect the ingredients (breaking them down faster). At this stage the container will have to be replaced each time it runs out. Due to the nature of filling the gel material a refillable system has not been developed.

The product is suitable for large bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobes, and lounge rooms. Larger areas may require the placement of additional pots. It has even been used in medium sized Self-Storage units. The product is best used placed low to the ground away from children and pets. 

Read more info about clove oil and removing mould naturally on our blog. 

    By (Brisbane, Australia) on 07 Nov. 2018 (Mould aroma gel - mould remover) :

    Mould aroma gel - mould remover

    I used 2 of these in my closet where I found some mould growing on the floorboards. I found the mould did disappear and didn't smell as dank. They are a little pricey though.

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    By (Chevallum, Australia) on 07 Nov. 2018 (Mould aroma gel - mould remover) :

    Great idea

    This product sounds good. We used this product in our walk-in-robe which always smells musty as it does not get great air flow. However we also now use a dehumidifier in their as well and the musty smell has gone. So in our case I believe it was a combination of the two that made the difference. With this product you do have to remember to change it after a while (I am not so great at remembering).

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