Vegetable spiralizer

Which is the best vegetable spiralizer for you?  Vegetable spiralizers have been around for many years as nifty devices for creating attractive vegetable garnishes and for quick preparation of julienne vegetables.  There is surge in the popularlity of vegetable spiralisers due to more people loving raw food.  Making "noodles" or "spaghetti" from zucchini instead of a pasta that needs to be cooked is a very popular raw food choice.  It's amazing the delicious raw food recipes that can be created.

veggie twister vegetable spiralizer makes flat spiralsvegetable spiralizer makes long thin julienne spirals

Veggie Twister:  offers two blades to make either flat spiral (above left) or long thin julienne spirals (above right).  Vegetable must be cut into 6cm lengths. Two piece construction - involves unscrewing one part after each vegetable piece is spiralized.

Gefu Spirelli Spiral Slicer: offers two blades to make two thicknesses of long thin julienne spirals (above right). Unlimited length of vegetable can be handled.  Two piece construction.  No unscrewing.