Laundry products that are a safer and healthier alternative to synthetic chemical laden laundry products, and grey water safe. Also, stainless steel pegs that last a lifetime and wooden pegs.

Please note: we do not have any Laundry Liquid at the moment as we are unable to find one that is free from palm oil derived ingredients. We hope that you will consider our incredible soap berries (berries coated in natural saponin straight off the tree), laundry powders from Resparkle, Green Potions and Clean Conscience, or Pure Coconut Soap by Lil' Bit.  We also have Natural Stain Remover and Oxygen Whitening Bleach free from toxic chlorine. With soap berries and laundry powder you can add naturally-scented Laundry Additives instead of conventional fabric softener that leaves irritating fragrances and fillers on your clothes.


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