Reusable coffee pod or capsule that can be used in most Nespresso┬« machines*.  

Made from medical grade stainless steel, simply fill the capsule with your favourite specially ground beans and when done put the waste grounds in your garden. Endlessly reusable, easy to clean and refill, while stopping coffee capsules going to landfill.  Podsta is zero waste, with no sticker seals to buy.  And it's Australian owned.

For best results and great tasting coffee, you do need the coffee to be the perfect "capsule grind". Simply ask your local cafe to grind their roasted beans to a number 2 grind or grind your own at home.  Our Podsta manual stainless steel coffee grinder makes an ideal grind.

Packaged coffee from the supermarket that is ground for espresso machines is not suitable as it is ground too finely.  We now have a great Podsta compatible organic and fair trade coffee ground especially to work with Podsta.

*To check whether Podsta is compatible with your Nespresso or Delonghi machine, please see here >


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