Hemp Foods Australia

All Hemp Foods Australia products are made in Australia, of both Australian and imported hemp, from places like Canada and Europe. This is due to previous legal restrictions, which meant there wasn't much Hemp that could be sourced from Australia directly. But Hemp Foods Australia makes sure all its Hemp is of the best quality. All Hemp is tested to make sure it's not irradiated, is ACO (Australian Certified Organic), non-GMO, and not heat treated. All processing of the Hemp is mechanical (so no chemical nasties are present) using a cold-milling process. You can be sure all their products are the best quality for you and your family.

Hemp for human food consumption is approved from 12 Nov 2017 onwards.

In accord with Food Standards Code 1.4.4 clause 1 and the NSW Food Act 2003 hemp foods are not permitted for human consumption in Australia or New Zealand (except hemp oil in NZ). We ask that you only buy these hemp seeds, flour, protein powder or oil for external use or eat them in a country where it is legal.  By purchasing this product you agree to these terms. 


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