Vintage LED

You can achieve the vintage light bulb style and attractive warm light that are making carbon-filament light bulbs a world-wide trend, without the massive power consumption!  These exposed filament, latest technology LED bulbs are from Australian company Vintage LED. The bulbs are very long lasting with around 10,000 hours of life, but for peace of mind there is a two year warranty.  

Highly energy efficient, dimmable, warm light rather than the blue light of most LEDs, very low heat and long lasting bulbs. Simply screw into any standard light bulb fitting - just check whether your fitting is an Edison or Bayonet and what size.

Carbon-filament light bulbs are the original invented by Thomas Edison in the late 1800's and the resurgence in their popularity for restaurants, retail and homes is unfortunately creating massive energy wastage.  They produce a warm light that emmulates candle light and flatters both people and food, but at the cost of high heat and high power usage.  Although we are meant to be swapping energy guzzling incandescent, Tungsten and carbon-filament bulbs for either LED or compact fluorescents (CFL), old style carbon-filament bulbs seem to fly below the regulations.

Vintage LED are the warmest LED bulbs on the market achieving a very similar look to old style globes without the power consumption and expensive cost.  Vintage LED bulbs throw a lovely warm light with a resonable level of brightness compared to most LED's that throw blue light to get to the same level of brightness.


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