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Cleaner Greener Schools

To reduce the waste of throw-away packaging and help stop litter in our water ways and polluting the environment, Biome has teamed up with 'Cleaner Greener Schools' to offer you affordable ways to pack waste-free lunches, save money, and keep Australia beautiful!

The Cleaner Greener Schools code can be used on our entire Lunch Boxes range. Read on for more information on how to eliminate waste when packing school lunches.

Did you know a school child with a disposable lunch generates 30kg of waste per year?

Are you a lunchbox legend?

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Check out this healthy, wrapper free lunchbox

Waste-free lunches are not only a wise environmental choice, but they are less expensive as well.


Everything in a waste-free lunch can be eaten, re-used or composted!What can you do?
  • replace plastic wrap with reusable wraps
  • plan ahead so you are less likely to grab packaged options
  • buy in bulk and pack in reusable containers
  • home bake in batches and freeze ready portions


Australia's best range of lunch boxes at Biome


Safe & non toxic

Pack a safe kids lunch box.  Every lunch box and food container at Biome is:

  • Great quality and from a trusted manufacturer
  • Made from BPA free plastic, stainless steel or glass (for older children our tempered glass containers work very well)
  • Free from Bisphenol A (BPA), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Lead, and Phthalates.

Many kids lunch boxes, plastic containers and plastic wraps contain BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates. One of the nasties to avoid when choosing a kids lunch box is PVC. Often on a soft shiny plastic lunch box there is no label to tell you what it is, but it is more than likely PVC. We also offer plastic free lunch boxes made from stainless steel for those wanting to avoid the toxins of plastic completely.

Easy & nutritious lunch box ideas

Try baking these to enjoy on the weekend and simply make extras to freeze for the week ahead: pikelets and scones, wholesome vegie muffins, banana and cranberry muffins, home made museli bars, healthy slices, vegetable fritters, vegemite/pizza scrolls, quiche/omelette slices, banana bread, zucchini slice, apricot logs, date loaf, sausage rolls, arancini rice balls, meat balls, pizza on wholemeal base. 

tick box  For more waste-free kids lunch box ideas visit Little Eco Footprints blog and for great advice from others on how to plan ahead and follow a routine, visit Biome's blog easy lunch box packing.

For more info on being a lunch box legend check out our A healthy lunchbox is a waste-free lunchbox blog post.

Waste free kids lunch box ideas




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