Vegan choices at Biome, from vegan recipe books to vegan skincare. While avoiding animal products, the alternatives can be made from textiles or components that have an environmental impact, and which in turn ultimately affects animals and their habitats.  For example, "vegan leather" is often made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane. We aim to offer vegan alternatives that are also eco-friendly.

Everything at Biome is vegan except for some products with beeswax and honey.  We support neighbourhood honey and responsible beekeepers.  We have vetted all our products to be free from dairy, meat, eggs and all other animal products that are often hidden in skincare.  We are also 100% free from palm oil, an ingredient which we believe is destroying habitats and sentient beings.

Here are some highlights. Please also browse our site further and use the Shop by Values filter on each department page.


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