Olieve & Olie

Olieve & Olie is an organic skincare company that was born in 2000. The journey began when the founders moved to a small 15-acre property and planted 2000 olive trees. Not too long after their first harvest of superior quality olives, they made their first batch of olive oil soap. When they moved, they continued to source their olives from the first property. Then, as the business grew and more people joined in, they outgrew their home studio and moved into a factory. The founder, Jude, has a background in Chemistry/Medical technology and has a passion for natural and organic things. She was the driving force behind the first batch of soap, and now together with a team of chemists, Jude has developed over 30 skincare products and continues to be a significant part of the production. Jude can be found in the factory, still mixing, pouring, measuring, and labelling on any given day. Olieve & Olie is a true small business story with sustainable practices at its forefront. Finally, Olieve & Olie is proudly palm oil-free and not tested on animals.