Redecker is a sustainable company that's one of the last producers of handcrafted brushes in Germany. Redecker has been handcrafting its quality products for generations now. That's right; the brand has been family owned for over 75 years, with the first brushes being produced in 1935. 'Redecker' is both a company and a family name; the brand owners joke, "sometimes you cannot really tell where one ends, and the other begins". The Redecker name stands for quality design, functionality and the use of beautiful and sustainable wood and natural, ethically sourced fibres. But, of course, it also stands for made by hand. All of Redecker products are handmade with love by highly-skilled brush makers. Redecker is one of the very few brands globally that have mastered this craft using a traditional hand threading method increasingly being replaced by machines. As a result, Redecker's products are far superior to the mass-produced alternative you may find in supermarkets. Opting for plastic-free household solutions has never been easier (or more aesthetically pleasing). We know you will love their products as much as we do. 

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