SEDA is an ethical jewellery and clothing brand that was born in 2018. SEDA Collective aims to collaborate with Indigenous Colombian cultures and create wearable art. Denara travelled to Colombia and met her designers by chance after picking up a beaded bracelet at a friend's house and asking where it was from; the rest is history. Denara learnt about the techniques and meanings behind all of the different weaving patterns and how they were representative of the indigenous people's values and culture. The more she learnt about their traditional hand-woven technique passed down through many generations, the more she wanted to create a brand that brought the makers as much joy as the buyers. She worked with a small team of 2 artisans to bring this gorgeous wearable art to an international audience. Through SEDA, Denara continues to try to breathe new life into traditional crafts and textiles. SEDA pay fair wages and support local artists. We trust you will find your new favourite piece to bring a meaningful splash of colour to your everyday.