Single Use Multiverse

Single-Use Multiverse is a fun and quirky jewellery label handmade in Victoria. Single-Use Multiverse earrings are made from single-use plastics. The brand has a mission to divert these single-use plastics from landfills and oceans and give them a new lease on life! All of the products are created by hand in the beautiful forest setting of Blackwood, Victoria. Jessica, the founder and designer, melts down the plastics to their new form. Some plastics include milk cartons, straws, plastic lids, shampoo bottles, formula lids, dish-washing liquid containers, meat trays and more. All of the colour incorporated into the designs is created through melted plastic. Jessica has developed a technique where the melted plastic is used like paint through exploration. The end product is a fantastic fuse of colours, a 'multiverse' that these plastics that otherwise would have been thrown away have transformed into.