Arnhem is a brand named after its founder. Arnhem experienced a unique, nomadic childhood; she spent her early years travelling around Australia and worldwide with her family. As a result, she cultivated a deep understanding and connection to the Earth by living in remote parts of the world and never living in one place for long. Both of her parents were passionate environmental activists, so Arnhem learned the value of protecting the Earth early on. She attended protests, marches and rallies and became committed to sustainability. At the age of four, she began sewing clothes for her dolls, and by eighteen, Arnhem was operating her first business, creating and selling clothes at local music festivals. In 2009, Arnhem, the brand as we know it, was born. Arnhem's early years are visible in her designs and her approach to sustainability. Arnhem works with charities and organisations to look after our Earth, including Greenfleet, Take 3 for the sea, Rainforest Rescue, Sea Shepard and Great Koala National Park. Arnhem commits to sustainability by using sustainable fibres, working towards a completely transparent supply chain by going to all of their factories, taking care not to use plastic in their fixtures and closures and finally sharing quarterly sustainability reports publicly.