Flipslide is an absolute must-know shoe brand in the land of sustainability. Flipslide designs flip-flop slide's using natural rubber, a simple and sustainable design. Flipslide is a brand innovated by a Melbourne mum with ten years of experience in the footwear industry. The brand was born through crowd-funding. The slide is manufactured ethically, is manufactured to keep the waste as low as possible, uses natural renewable materials and finally attempts to keep the price lower. Hence, the product is more widely accessible. All of the Flipslide components are made using natural rubber, sustainably tapped from rubber trees. A singular rubber tree can produce 10kg's of rubber yearly and is usually tapped every second day for up to 40 years. This approach differs majorly from the materials traditionally used to make flip-flops; synthetic rubber and polyurethane foam, both derived from petroleum, damages our planet and ends up in our oceans. One last thing; Flipslides can be recycled at the end of their lives with TerraCycle®.