Fjällräven is a brand located in a small town in Sweden; the mountains and forest meet the sea. Fjällräven is a brand focused on outdoor clothing and equipment; they are committed to providing access to nature. Fjällräven is committed to developing functional and durable outdoor gear while acting responsibly towards nature, animals and people and inspiring an interest in outdoor life. For this reason, Fjällräven considers their impact in every step of the design. Including the materials used and where they choose to produce their clothing and equipment. Fjällräven accepts that sustainability is an evolving process, and they admit that they will make mistakes along the way. However, learning from them will help them to innovate and adapt. The team has the term 'room for improvement' ingrained in their minds. By purchasing with Fjällräven, you are choosing to support a brand that develops clothing and gear designed to last generations, places strict standards on themselves and their suppliers, and has made it their mission to introduce more people to nature.