Dominique Healy

Dominique Healy was born in 2017 with a commitment to local and ethical production. The brand focuses on high-quality linen and remnant fabrics. All Dominique Healy garments have been produced in house at their Melbourne studio or in an Ethically Accredited Melbourne factory. All of the garments are designed to be trans-seasonal and to stand the test of time. Dominique sources her materials predominately by using deadstock fabric. Dominique's dedication to local production means she has worked directly with many makers over the years. In addition, the large proportion of products being produced in-house means Dominique has the freedom to create small runs per style that would not usually be possible due to factory production minimums. Moving to a 'made to order' model towards the end of the stock means she is left with little to no stock at the end of the season, hence zero waste. She also creates patterns to use as little fabric as possible to reduce textile waste.

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