Icebreaker has been around since 1985 and has built a reputation for its quality products and nature-based fabrics. At 24, the brand's founder Jeremy and his American girlfriend had just returned from staying on a merino sheep ranch located on Pohenui Island, New Zealand. His girlfriend was so impressed with the experience that she convinced Jeremy to meet the farmer. He tried on a top made from merino wool at lunch with the farmer, and the rest is history. He couldn't accept that all the major manufacturers at the time made their outdoor and adventures clothing from plastic-based fabrics. It seemed counterintuitive to be escaping into nature dressed in plastic. Fast forward to today, Icebreaker continues to make natural-based products. Icebreaker can define the design process in four words; simplicity, longevity, versatility and purpose. Icebreaker has close relationships with its manufacturers and fully accounts for its entire supply chain. So whether you are looking for everyday basics, base layer items like socks and underwear or outdoor adventure wear, we trust that you will find what you are looking for in Biome's curated collection of Icebreaker designs.